Types of Indian wedding photography services

Whenever you hire a team of photographers, you generally wonder what services you should take from them. This article by Studio Memory Lane – a team of professional candid wedding photographers in Punjab, is going to help you out regarding the matter. You will get to know about different types of Indian wedding photography services. […]

Dubai Videography | Pre-wedding shoot

Studio Memory Lane, a team of professional wedding photographers in Punjab – India, is increasing its boundaries to reach international customers. For the evidence, we have this fabulous couple portraying the love chemistry through pre-wedding shoot. The shoot not only includes perfect shots, but also have the best glimpses of a new beginning in the form of […]

How to click perfect selfie | 8 simple selfie tips and tricks

In this world full of hatred, one thing you must love and that is your own self. It is no harm to be self-obsessed. Well! If you are really fond of yourself and click a lot of selfies, then this blog is just for you. Just clicking your picture and posting it doesn’t make any […]

Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Chandigarh

Studio Memory Lane is now available in your own city – Chandigarh! We are happy to announce that our photographers are covering the Wide Area across Punjab. Providing the best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh, we are exploring every shade of photography, Day by Day – Bit by Bit! Are you looking for the professionally […]

5 Major Tips for Travel Photography

Are you a traveler? And want to see the world through camera’s eye? Then this is the right place for you where you can get some amazing tips for travel photography. These tips are coming straight away from the office of Studio Memory Lane, a team providing the professional wedding photography services. Moreover, we are […]

Tips for improving Instagram photography

Studio Memory Lane, a team of top professional photographers in Punjab, has come up with an interesting blog post this time. We all use social media apps and a lot of these are especially made for uploading pictures. The most famous one is Instagram. If you are a beginner in the world of photography, this […]

8 Videography tips for beginners

Are you interested in capturing professional videos with simple videography equipment of yours? Well! it is not important to buy an expensive equipment for that. All you to do is just focus on some good videography tips. Thus, Studio Memory Lane, professional videographers and photographers in Punjab, is giving 8 videography tips for beginners to […]

7 simple tips to improve your photography skills

Skill development is very important for yourself as well as for the country. You need to improvise your skills time to time. Competitions are setting high benchmarks in every field these days. Moreover, for your own development, you need to improve what you have. So, Studio Memory Lane, a team of professional wedding photographers in […]

8 best pre-wedding shoot locations in Punjab

Studio Memory Lane, a team of best professional photographers in Punjab, is heading forward for the pre-wedding photo shoots across different places in the region of Punjab. They are exploring all the shades of photography through mind blowing team work day by day.Today, they have come up with an important piece of information to give […]

Types of Photography | A Quick View on most trending ones

This time, Studio Memory Lane, a team of best professional photographers in Punjab, has come up with the most trending types of photography. We are always ready to give you a small or big piece of information related to photography styles. Today, we are going to show up a list of its different and most […]

What is cake smash photo shoot?

New born babies when grow one year older, the occasion turns out to be very special for parents as well as for the whole family. It gives festive vibes all over. It not only seems special, in fact the celebrations bring a lot more excitement. People are following a new trend these days which is […]

Trending Photography Blogs of 2018 | Studio Memory Lane

Studio Memory Lane wishes you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. We had a very exciting last year with all your love and support for our hard work. So, we are here to come up with our trending photography blogs of 2018. If you haven’t read all the blogs yet or missed even one of it, […]

Tips for perfect Christmas photography

Since these are the Christmas holidays, everything look so bright and beautiful in sheer cold all over. There are some areas on the world that are covered with white sheets of snow and others are just having different shades of fog. This is what Christmas is all about. Snow, lights, gifts, bells, mistletoe or celebrations […]

How to learn photography?

Are you a beginner for photography? Or are you literally searching about how to learn photography? Then you are at the right place at a very right time. To begin with, you must know that photography is all about being passionate. Just get into it to explore more about it! Rest, Studio Memory lane is […]

Best pre wedding photo shoot destinations in India

Pre wedding photoshoot – a wonderful collection of memories behind the frames of elation. All you get to see in a picture is a beginning of new love story. It is important to make these memories at a destination with elegance all over. Why to use artificial setups when you have the best pre wedding […]

Best themes for wedding photography

Wedding photography covers beauty of the special occasion. It serves its best when there is a theme wedding. Themes generally mean with setting up the ideas to live in. If you want to set up themes for your wedding then it must be photogenic. For that, it is important to know about the best themes […]

Destination Wedding Photography Tips

If you are a photographer and you are going to shoot a destination wedding and it is your first time then you must need destination wedding photography tips for the guidance. To know more about it as a customer perspective, you can visit our blog related to destination wedding. But being a professional photographer is […]

What photography can do?

It is important to know the proper meaning of photography for getting the answer of question – What photography can do? Photography is a wide concept of capturing the moments behind the frames of happiness. It makes a huge collection of photographs that you can cherish for your whole life. You can not only collect […]

Trends of professional Wedding photography

In the era of modernization, so many trends of professional wedding photography exists. All of them are technically advanced. Skilled and professional photographers get employment for the purpose of perfection in the prevailing trends. Gradual development of this kind is widening the scope of the profession of photography. It is resulting in taking photography to […]

How to start a photography blog?

In the era of internet, blogging is one of the easiest way to show case your talent. It has been very helpful in the case of photography. So many people have actually earned name and fame by showing their passion for clicking pictures through blogging. If you are also good at photography and want to […]

How to pick a professional wedding photographer?

Quality is the basic factor to produce a perfect piece of photography. One can have bulk of work from many of the photographers, but finding quality work is a difficult task.  Only a dignified and professional team of photographers can make it possible with the immense quality. Thus, it is important to pick a professional […]

What is pre wedding shoot?

Wedding comes along with so many colors of photography. It gives a lot more opportunities to show case the glimpses of special moments. Pre wedding shoot is an important part for a wedding journey to begin with. It basically portrays the love story of wedding couple in a filmy way. To know its importance, you […]

What is candid photography?

Candid photography is a type of photography which includes natural poses. It is very popular these days. Pictures are clicked without any posed appearance. People demand their professional photographers to click such kind of pictures. It captures the beauty of originality that can never be artificialized by posing. We, at Studio Memory Lane provides the […]

What to wear in Pre Wedding?

A season of marriage brings different shades of fashion. What to wear on what day is something that brain storms the most. For couples, choosing what to wear in pre wedding is like a cake walk. They need to look perfect for being eye centred. Pre wedding means picturising the love story of wedding couple […]

How and Why to plan a destination wedding?

Destination wedding – a wedding held at the gorgeous destination far away from the house. It is a kind of infamous these days. Its planning is like a cake walk. Couples dream about so many things for their big day. The only difficulty they face is – how and why to plan a wedding held […]

What is the benefit of using drones in wedding?

Drone photography – capturing an event with the use of flying machines. Drone is a new technology used for catching the aerial perspective of an event. It is a kind of aircraft outfitted with UAV cameras. It is operated with the help of remote control system. Nowadays, professional cinematographers are using this popular device for […]

What is Pre wedding and why is it important?

Pre wedding lays a corner stone after exchanging rings as a token of love. Wearing it seems like spreading light from treasure of nuptial bond. Generally, love gurus say that it connects a nerve from ring finger to heart. Thus, it escalates a never ending bond between the wedding couple. Life seems changing for both […]

Why is it important to hire a professional wedding photographer?

Professional wedding photographer is an expert who performs activities related to photography in a wedding. Generally, this is the work of a team full of professionals for the purpose of entire coverage. From pre wedding to post wedding, it is important to hire the professional photographers. They stay by your side for capturing every special […]

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