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Tips for night photography | Read to succeed!

Tips for night photography | Read to succeed!

Photography has no particular time as moments can be created anytime. All we need is to be ready for such moments and shots. The most challenging part in photography is capturing picture in the night time. Thus, we as Studio Memory Lane – the best candid pre wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are bringing out some of the best tips for night photography in our today’s article.

Being professional and well-established team of photographers, we understand the need of improving skills, especially when it comes to the photography. So, we are here to guide you to practice and follow such tips that will enhance your professionalism.

Use the Bulb Mode – best among the tips for night photography!

The longest shutter speed in most of the cameras is nearly 30 seconds. Nevertheless, sometimes you will find that these 30 seconds are not enough to get the proper and clear exposure. So, in that situation, you can use the bulb mode. In this function, you can open the shutter for the excess time until you are pressing the camera button. This mode requires much confidence but it is also helpful in doing experiment freely.

Playing with various speeds of shutter

Yes, you have heard right, you have to play with the different shutter speeds, so that you can get the creative and colorful pictures from a normal scene. We as Studio Memory Lane the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, suggest you to work with this mode that helps you to capture very impressive night shots. The best part of this mode is that camera will set its aperture on its own. For getting colorful trails, you can use the low speed shutter.

Try the bracket exposures

It is the most recommended tip among all the tips for night photography, as here you are guided to take pictures in different exposures. This mode works manually as well as automatically.  In addition, this mode is used to get the HDR (High Dynamic Range) pictures. By combination of the several images in the editing tool, this will help in recreating the range of exposure and all the details that are impossible to be captured in the normal cameras.

Always take the test shots! while shooting in night

It is a good habit as a professional to test before taking the final picture. Thus, we suggest you to make up a habit of testing the shot. It is so, because in nighttime you cannot simply press the shutter while shooting in low lights. You must need to know the exact settings to use for your camera.

RAW Shooting

Again, it is one of the important point among the list of the tips for night photography, where we as highly experienced photographers, always guide to use the RAW format to capture the pictures in the night time. JPEG is the best file format for the entire casual photo shoot. The most impressive part is that these pictures do not take up too much space in memory card. You can easily convert these shots into another file.

Dim ISO for night photo shoot

ISO in simple words is a camera setting that will help in brighten or darken up a portrait. For instance, if you increase your ISO number, your pictures will have more brightness. For such reason, ISO can also help in capturing the images in dark surroundings. This is tending to be more flexible when it comes to the aperture and shutter speed settings. Moreover, the new high-end cameras that are available these days are so advance that they will allow you to take all the pictures without noise.

tips for night photography – use the manual focus!

It is very easy to use the automatic focus but you can foolproof it as they might sometimes create the blurry and unclear pictures. Thus, we always recommend doing the manual settings when it comes to make focus on the subject especially in the night shots. Also, to highlight the scene and to add crisp to your pictures, you can turn on the Live View Mode and press the Zoom-in button.

TRIPOD is love!

Photography is just incomplete without the use of tripod. The night shots require more stability and focus. Thus, we suggest you to turn on your camera’s virtual horizon to make sure that your equipment is leveled. In addition, you must consider buying a mini tripod for tricky angles.

So, the above-mentioned are some of the very interesting tips for night photography that can help in making your night time or dim light photography more skilled and professional.

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