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Fashion Photography Tips for Beginners

Fashion Photography Tips for Beginners

When it comes to photography, it needs various aspects and skills that one needs to research and practice a lot for mastering in it. Apart from skills and creativity, beginners need knowledge about the equipment that can help him or her to have ‘Perfect Pictures’. This time, Studio Memory Lane has come up with another blog related to fashion photography tips.

Photography is the field refers to capture the objects, places, people etc. in clear and effective manner. Now, you may have lots of questions jumping out in your mind such as why and how people do photography? Does it need any special course or how can beginners start doing practice in the field of photography? How to do specific type of photography, such as fashion photography, product photography, food photography and so on.

So, we at Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh bring many tips and information for all the beginners who want to start photography and today’s blog is all about the photography in the field of Fashion.

Introduction to various photography types!

As we said photography is all about capturing various things, moments, happenings or events that are taking place in our surrounding. It is not limited to have photography with some particular events such as wedding photography, pre-wedding photography or candid photography. With change in generation, time and needs, it is becoming a developing field with various types other than the above mentioned, such as fashion photography, product photography, maternity photography, child photography, nature photography, mountain photography and many more.

Fashion is considered as an emerging field. Here, trends change with the blink of an eye. Additionally, there are numerous things one need to capture whether they are clothing, shoes, etc.

Let us have a look on some tips that help you to improve your skills. Providing you a better perspective, these will make your pictures look natural and effective.

Research for understanding the Fashion

In case of fashion photography, you must have the complete understanding of the subject. It includes the importance and effect of it on the surrounding as well as on the company. You can go through the Magazines as they are one of the best fashion update booklets. They will provide you ample of the knowledge with samples that are done by other experienced photographers.

Having Knowledge about the Location

Before starting with the shoot, the photographer must know about the places to enhance the presentation of the fashion wear they are carrying with them. If it’s possible it is a better option to visit the place for better interaction. Moreover, if you know about the pros n cons of the place, you may able to carry the proper equipment with you. This is one of the important Fashion Photography Tips, that will save your time and also help you in framing the perfect spot for shoot in that very particular place or location.

Good choice for the equipment

Fashion photography is not about using all the equipment at the same time, but the right equipment at right spot. When we tend to use more devices, we are just discriminating with the quality and natural effect of the subject. But the professionals use all the equipment accurately. Undoubtedly, it takes time to learn to use beauty dishes, scrims and octabanks, as these are the examples of tools that you may find easily at any Fashion Studio.

Opting the best time of the day

Once you’re done with the day and location, now you have to decide the best time for capturing the shot. This will not entirely depends on the weather as we need to take care of color of subject as well. We, at Studio Memory Lane the best candid photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, have experience of many years in such shoots. We suggest that there is no perfect time as you cannot predict the weather. All you need to focus is on using the ambient light. Mostly we avoid capturing the shots in the evening as it creates hard shadows. The rainy day or cloudy day is best option for soft lightning effect to enhance the shot.

Mixture of ambient and flash lights

It is one of the best innovative Fashion Photography Tips, where you can practice to use both the flash and ambient light together. Although, the sun is the main source of light in the day time to be falling on the subject, one can create the rim light effect on their face or hair. If you want to use flash as key light and sun as rim light, then you’re free to do so. This will allow the beginner to control the shadow balance in the picture.

Use RAW format rather than JPEG

Yes, it sounds bit technical but Studio Memory Lane the best candid photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, advise that the RAW format pictures are far better than the JPEG as they provide you innumerable option to choose from. It can take much of the space in your memory card but it will be beneficial for you. It’s another benefit is that you can retouch the image during the editing and can add more creative effect in it. The best thing about the RAW format is that it provides the maximum dynamic range to your camera at different levels. RAW files never lose their picture quality after multiple editing but this is not possible in the case of JPEG files.

With all the above mention fashion photography tips, we believe that you get ample of knowledge and ideas about the photography. Moreover, it’s not only about the huge investment such as establishing studio space but before that you need to have some professional skills to use those cameras and lenses for the purpose of being a photographer.

Why choose us?

Above mentioned tips are the best ones to get perfect fashion photography. Even, we also use such tips in all types of  photography. We have the experience of many years in this field. Moreover, we provide opportunity to make photographers learn how to be professional and best in fashion photography. One thing that we believe is to practice as much as you can- ‘As Practice makes man Perfect’

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