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Best pre wedding photo shoot destinations in India

Pre wedding photoshoot – a wonderful collection of memories behind the frames of elation. All you get to see in a picture is a beginning of new love story. It is important to make these memories at a destination with elegance all over. Why to use artificial setups when you have the best pre wedding photo shoot destinations in India? Let us have a quick view on some of those destinations which are the best for pre wedding shoot.

Agrasen ki Baoli

A destination, with its historical view provides a traditional and epic look to your photographs. It is a step well which is best for the quirky photo shoot as well. You must try shooting for the pre wedding at this place which is situated on the Hailey Road near Connaught Place, Delhi.

The Taj Mahal

Of course how can we forget about the Taj Mahal of Agra when we talk about the best pre wedding photo shoot destinations in India? Being associated with an ancient love story, this place is known for Love. Moreover, its incredible view in the background is like the icing on the cake when it comes to photography.


It is best for its beachy views for the pre wedding shoots. Also, we can say that it is the best alternative for the Goa beaches. Because it is the destination where you can avoid the crowd and can seek for the romantic environment and some sort of privacy as well. It is located in the Andhra Pradesh.


If you are a winter lover then you must go to experience the breath taking views of Gulmarg located in Jammu and Kashmir. Snow-capped valleys in the background make the pre wedding shots perfect. It is a kind of heaven that makes you collect some heavenly shots with the warmth of love.


Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir, is the most adventurous destination for the perfect pre wedding photo shoot. It provides the incredible backgrounds with the beauty of nature. It is the best destination for the people who wonder for the places with beauty and adventure to collect memories in.

We as Studio Memory Lane, have been visiting the best pre wedding photo shoot destinations in India since long time. All we can say that there are so many destinations which are worth to capture for the right reason at the right time. Wedding comes once in the life. So, you should make a wonderful memory lane for the lifetime. Also, if you want to know about some more beautiful destinations for pre wedding, just stay tuned with us!


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