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Tips for Camera Panning Photography – Show the motion!

Tips for Camera Panning Photography – Show the motion!

It is completely right that you cannot guarantee perfect pans, but with some practice and patience, it can be improved at a certain level. Therefore, we, Studio Memory Lane – the best professional wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are going to share some essential tips for camera panning photography.

It is interesting to know that panning is not only a movement. However, it is a photography technique in which one needs to capture with the moving subject along with its plane of motion and believe us – it is challenging!

So, if you are thinking to try this technique for interesting photographs then, you must read our tips for camera panning photography. It will make the concept of panning quite easy for you.

Right decision while setting the shutter speed!

When you decide to capture a pan, all you need to do is to settle your shutter speed according to the subject. It is one of the main parts of tips for camera panning photography. Moreover, it helps to create a blurry and speedy effect at the same time. According to our experience, you need to lower down the shutter speed as compared to the other settings. For clear results, you have to start moving with the subject before pressing the shutter and keep moving at some distance.

Make your subject look sharp!

Panning a picture is as if you are blurring everything in the frame, but your eyes are striving for something sharp. Although, this is important to remember that you must have a sharp subject to focus on. Otherwise, this will look annoying to your viewers. Being professionals, we, Studio Memory Lane, suggest you choose 1/125 second instead of 1/1000 second and focus on one sprinter. It will help you to make the subject look sharp, but its other features will become a blur as similar to the background.

Use Flash!

To make sure that something will be sharp, we guide you to use flash. Also, set your Speed light for rear curtain sync. This technique is used at the end of exposure with the help of flash fires. So, when you combine this technique with low shutter speeds then only you are able to get a blurry effect. All this setting will be resultant in creating a scene with ambient lights.

Make a focus choice – best among all tips for camera panning photography!

For this technique, we, Studio Memory Lane, prefer to use the AF-ON button, which presents in your DSLR camera. When you use this button, achieve focus, and then just simply take off your thumb off the button, which locks the focus. Moreover, this technique allows us to place the subject in a composition manner.

Hand-Held or Tripod!

If you have a subject that is near to a perfect plane, then using a tripod is probably a good idea. However, some sports and action events often are not predictable, so this is the right time to learn the handling of the camera. Also, we suggest that you can use a solid stance with elbows and arms. Additionally, a flexing of knees and a smooth swing of the body to follow the subject will help to create intense pictures of various subjects.

It is all about distance!

We, Studio Memory Lane, guide you that farther the subject is, the slower it will appear to be going. Moreover, it will be easier to stay with during your pan. However, your closer background will benefit you in appearance, visual sensation, and speed. Such distance calculations will affect the lenses.

Hence, these are some of the tips for camera panning photography, which allows you to use your creativity and at the same time, you can improve your skills.

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