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10 Best Pre-wedding shoot locations in Chandigarh

10 Best Pre-wedding shoot locations in Chandigarh

Pre-wedding photo shoot is a collection of beautiful memories for the couples to relive those wonderful days of their life. A beautiful location increases the beauty of the shoot and makes it more memorable. If you are from Punjab and don’t want to go very far, then you can go to Chandigarh for your pre wedding shoot. It has many beautiful places which can contribute a lot in enhancing the beauty of a shoot. Here is a list of 10 best pre-wedding shoot locations in Chandigarh given by Studio Memory Lane – a team of best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab.


Oberoi Sukhvillas

The Oberoi Sukhvillas is a luxury resort in Chandigarh. It is surrounded by 8000 acres of natural forest and has a landscape garden. It also offers an outdoor pool. This place is an ultimate area where you can capture beautiful romantic pictures. Work of art here let you take perfect pre-wedding shots.


Nalagarh Fort

If you are shooting in Chandigarh for your pre-wedding shoot, then this place is best for your pick. It is painted in blue and white color, that makes it even more magical and it has green lawn and dreamy pool which gives perfects shots.


Rose Garden

Flowers are beautiful part of nature. They enhance the beauty of nature as well as the place where they are grown. Rose garden is best among all pre-wedding shoot locations in Chandigarh and also a good place to take beautiful pictures for your pre-wedding shoot. This garden is situated in sector 16. Full of flowery area provides an amazing background for your pictures.


Golf Club

Golf club is also a very good option for taking pre-wedding photographs. It is an awesome place situated in the south of sukhna lake. It is lined by mango, jamun and kikar orchards making it an awesome place for photo shoot.


Pinjore Garden - pre wedding locations in Chandigarh

Pinjore garden is best place for pre-wedding photo shoot because of its beautiful lightning. It has a lot of fountains which makes it more beautiful and pleasant place. This garden is an example of Mughal garden style.


Sukhna Lake - best pre wedding locations in Chandigarh

Sukhna lake in Chandigarh is a very beautiful place to take pictures of your pre-wedding. This place is very attractive and pretty. You can take very beautiful pictures here in the morning. This lake has a dynamic view.  The sun set and sun rise sight also makes pre-wedding shoot interesting.


Leisure Valley - beautiful pre-wedding location

Leisure valley is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and attractive locations. It is eight kilometer long and covers a large part of Chandigarh. This place is also known as “the lungs of the city – Chandigarh”. It is a very good place for pre-wedding shoot. It has green flashy trees and located in sector 10 of Chandigarh. Also, It is full of greenery that makes it a perfect location for pre-wedding shoot.


Japanese Garden - Chandigarh pre wedding

It is a park located in sector 31 of Chandigarh. It has water bodies, waterfalls, a meditation centre, a Buddha idol and golden bamboos. This garden has many certain points which are perfect for beautiful photographs. You can use these points and can take amazing shots.


Sylvan Villa - pre-wedding location Chandigarh

The rooms of this villa are beautifully decorated and very attractive. This villa is an amazing place for pre-wedding shoot. Also, it  provides a very romantic view of the valley.


The Fort Ramgarh - Chandigarh location

This fort is a perfect place if you want to click Rajput tradition pictures for your pre-wedding shoot. It is located in national highway 73, opposite sector 28 panchkula. This fort is a very good place for taking pictures.

Studio Memory Lane | pre-wedding locations in Chandigarh and Punjab

Well, these are the best pre-wedding shoot locations in Chandigarh where you can easily create a wonderful memory lane for your pre-wedding. If you are looking for a professional team of photographers for the same, then contact Studio Memory Lane, who is now available in Chandigarh! For more updates and latest offers, stay connected via:

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