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Drone Photography | Tips for Beginners

Photography is an art of capturing happy moments which in turn becomes memory for us. Different styles of photography are there, Drone Photography is one of them. In this article, Studio Memory Lane – the professional photographers in Punjab as well as Chandigarh, India, is going to provide some amazing drone photography tips that you must consider if you are a beginner.

What is Drone Photography?

It has never been so easy to take images of some beautiful places of world and sometimes it’s hard to reach those places but drone photography has made it possible.

It is a capture of images and videos with remotely-operated unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or commonly known as drone. The user has FPV first person view of the surroundings where the drone flies and may capture images and videos.

Beginner’s guide for drone photography tips

Let us know a detail guide about the tips related to drone photography, that can help beginners to make use of drones in an easy way.

1. Select a drone according to your need and skills

A number of options are available for drones on internet, just make a simple search. The type of drone you choose must have a built-in or on-board camera and those on which you can attach your own camera.

Drones which are larger in size don’t have very high resolution which may not give you quality photos. Smaller drones allow you to attach camera of your own and thus, this make it easier to you as you already know how to handle your own camera and you only need to learn is how to make it fly.

The important thing you need to look after is how you can fly a drone. For beginners lighter and cheaper drones are available. These are not very heavy and advanced like the costly one as they have fewer features. Always try to look for a drone which can match your skills.

Also, you need to learn how your drone works because different drones have different features. Some drones can be flown only indoors while some have lighting which can be used during night photography. Check the features of drone and make sure that whether that drone satisfies your skills as well as need or not.

2. Read the instructions from instruction manual carefully

If you want to have a good access over your drone you need to know all its features and for this, you should read all the instructions from instruction manual. It holds all the required information that you need to know about your drone. It will help you to know that what your drone can do and what it cannot do. This will let you improve your drone flying skills.

3. Understand features of your drone

Understanding features of your drone will let you shoot efficiently with it. Every drone has different features. The typical features every drone will have are:

Smartphone feed

This tool will help you know what your drone is capturing and thus, helps you to take a great shot.

Smart mode

Smart mode is especially for the beginners so that they can have good shots. For example, if you are capturing photos on windy day, this mode will help you by providing some sort of stabilization feature which will help you handle the rough conditions.


Sometimes drones also have ‘follow me’ option. If you want yourself in the shot, this feature will help you to make sure that you are always in frame.

4. Devise a pre-flight checklist.

Make sure you devise a pre-flight checklist before your drone get in the air. This will make you ensure that you have everything you need before you fly.  Things which need to be checked before you fly include: Fly zone, Weather, surroundings, settings, motor, controls.

5. Test drive your drone

Every drone has different features, also they fly differently. Thus, before you take your drone out in a big open area, take a test drive. This will allow you to control your drone in a good manner in that area and minimize the risk of breaking and damaging your drone. Drone photography is all about practice. So, practicing hard is the most important tip to learn how to fly your drone in a correct manner.

6. Tips for photographing with drone

Operating a drone is similar to operating a normal camera. You will be provided with normal modes to choose from. Here are some basic drone photography tips to get you started:

Look for symmetry and patterns

when you are flying high keep a look at colors, shapes, interesting scenes to get beautiful aerial photos.

Go slow

Go slow and keep your drone stable. This will help in capturing beautiful shots of swaying trees and crashing oceans.

The right Light

Photography in right light is an advantage for photographers.

Well, these were the amazing tips that beginners can follow easily. These can make your hand easy on drones. Hope you find this article useful. For more such blogs, stay tuned with Studio Memory Lane | Punjab. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


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