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What to wear in Pre Wedding?

A season of marriage brings different shades of fashion. What to wear on what day is something that brain storms the most. For couples, choosing what to wear in pre wedding is like a cake walk. They need to look perfect for being eye centred. Pre wedding means picturising the love story of wedding couple before actually getting married. So, it should be in perfect co-ordination for looking photogenic on the camera.

With this article, Studio Memory Lane provides you some fashion tips for pre wedding. Let us look on some points which you should keep in mind while preparing the outfits for the same.

Should have taste of culture:

Outfits for pre wedding should have the taste of your culture. It makes you eye catchy on the camera when you wear traditional clothes. Cultural themes are most common these days. It can give you a wide range of variety. You can choose the best suited one. The more traditional it is, the more attraction it embraces.

Perfect colour co-ordinations:

You should give extra attention towards the colour co-ordinations of outfits. Capturing colours on the camera demands perfection. It will look weird if outfits of bride and groom will not match. Matching colour co-ordinations give pleasure to the senses. It gives royal touch to the entire shoot and also throws perfect colours on viewers’ eyes.

Should be trendy:

As we are talking about the fashion, how can we forget about trends of fashion. Whatever you choose to wear should be in trend. Keep it in mind that so many viewers get the ideas for what to wear in pre wedding at their own wedding time. You can popularize the latest trends via pre wedding shoot. You must hire a designer who can advice you about what suits you the most.

Comfortable and Light weight:

Outfits for pre wedding should be comfortable and light weight. As pre wedding shoots are hectic, you have to shoot for some days spending a lot of time on it. In this case, if your outfits are heavy then you can not concentrate towards camera comfortably. Moreover, it should be durable. Otherwise it will be a distraction because of handling the outfit again and again.

All the above mentioned points need to keep in mind while thinking about what to wear in pre wedding. We concern about suggesting the wedding couples to hire best fashion designers. It makes their pre wedding photoshoot more elegant. We believe that wedding comes just once in a life time, so one should not compromise with the outfits. With the passion of capturing special moments, we always try our best to provide the helpful guidelines to make the journey of wedding a beautiful one.


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