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Tips for shooting in rain | Simple tricks!

Tips for shooting in rain | Simple tricks!

Moments can happen anywhere and anytime, thus photographer should be ready to save those moments for lifetime. Today Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are presenting the most amazing article on the tips for shooting in rain.

Rain is always associated with the love as it makes the weather more refresh and romantic. The blowing winds, formation of rainbow and falling of raindrops create the best surrounding. Therefore, we are introducing the special Rain photography.

Thus, we are presenting some creative and innovative tips that will enhance your photography skills. You can use these tips to capture the scenes and objects during the rain.

Stay ready to explore the Weather

The most important part of the tips for shooting in rain – To be the best photographer, all you need is to be patient and prepared with all the equipment and devices to explore the rainy weather as it is unpredictable and give the opportunity to take perfect shots at any point of time.

Use the shapes and forms for uncommon composition

We, Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, believe that the shapes and forms are the two very easy and simple tools that can be used by any beginner or professional photographer. For this, all you need is to make yourself more creative by using the different perspective. You can also try to get the closer shot of the rain drops and let them fill the whole frame.

The moody scenes – Tips for shooting in rain

As rain is the most unpredictable climatic condition, the scenes created by the rain will also give moody effect on your picture. It depends on the colors, textures and angles that are used to capture it. Even, it is a fact that not all rains are dark, but sometimes they are very colorful and make you feel rejuvenating and refresh.  Therefore, we suggest you to be ready for capturing the ‘moody rain’.

The scientific shot – Condensation!

With rain, the weather becomes wet and cold outside, thus the warm temperature inside will bring condensation on any glass surface. This will ultimately enhance the rain photo-shoot. Therefore, we at Studio Memory Lane, advise you to use compact lenses with DSLR cameras that will help you to get the soft focus on the subject and let their identity be hidden. You can also add little impressions or messages on that surface.

Try to do Abstract Photography!

The most interesting part of the tips for shooting in rain is it provides you the scene to generate the picture with abstract ideas and techniques. Most common example for this is to shoot the traffic lights through the raindrops that might be settling on the glass of your car or lens. Even, you can use the wide aperture, to create the hue-effect in the background.

You must use Flash & Freeze!

A flash is the most handy and simple device. We Studio Memory Lanethe best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, suggest you to use it in all types of photography. Also, you can use some extra lights and umbrellas for more modification in capturing the moments. While using the flashes, you can even freeze the scene where these raindrops stick out.

Must use the reflections on the ground – the Tips for shooting in rain

Sometimes, rainfall that collects on the roadsides, usually create the reflections. The best thing about the reflections is that you can present the two sides of the same place or object in the single frame. All you get is the textures or the human body in the foreground whereas buildings and shapes in the background.

Fast shutter effect to capture the raindrops!

It is another important tip to keep in mind while capturing shots in the rainy weather. The far best way to capture the raindrops is to have multiple shots with fast shutter effect to freeze the drops falling from the sky. You can use long shutter speed that allows you to create a blur motion.

So, these are the tips for shooting in rain, that will enhance your professional skills. Also, for rain photography or any type of photography, we the Studio Memory Lanethe best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there providing the best services across the nation.

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