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Trends of professional Wedding photography

In the era of modernization, so many trends of professional wedding photography exists. All of them are technically advanced. Skilled and professional photographers get employment for the purpose of perfection in the prevailing trends. Gradual development of this kind is widening the scope of the profession of photography. It is resulting in taking photography to the next level. Mainly, we will discuss some of the most famous trends of wedding photography in this article. Let us have a look on some of those trends:

Pre Wedding photoshoots

Pre wedding photoshoot is one of the most famous trends of professional wedding photography. Couples want their marriage to remember throughout their life with some special efforts. So, they hire professional team to picturize their love story prior to wedding ceremonies. They use different themes on the different destinations for capturing their special moments. Pre wedding videography is very popular on social media these days.

Drone Photography

Drone – an advanced device, comes with the aerial structure. It is useful to capture the wedding ceremonies from the sky without creating a hustle of camera men. To know more about drones in detail, you can visit our previous blog – ‘What is the benefit of using drones in wedding?’ So, basically using these kind of cool devices for photography actually gives a royal look to your wedding.

Teasers and Trailers

Wedding photography is famous for filming a story of love these days. Couples demand for the teasers and trailers for these film like shoots. The main purpose of emerging these trends is to give a cinematic experience to the viewers.

Same day edits

Couples demand same day edits for their wedding ceremonies. Each day different ceremonies are performed by them. So, they want a short video or a small slide show to get the glimpse of that day. It is a trend to post it on social media these days. Hashtags are made to popularise the wedding by posting these small edits on the same day.

Web Series

To get a celeb feeling, couples love to shoot for making web series. Making Number of episodes for the whole wedding is what it knows for. It includes videography in the form of filming a story. Interviews of the couple and dear ones are taken in the form of – Bites. Unique titles help to attract the viewers for popularizing the wedding on social media.

Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs add extra colours to the photography. It makes the candid shoots look elegant even more. It gives an eye catchy look to the photographs with these smoky backgrounds. Generally, props of any kind always give an abstract overview to the captures.

Professional photo coverage

In the ancient times, couples were okay with some common poses for photography. But these days, they want professionally assisted poses for their wedding albums. They love specialized shots from different angles with special effects like Bokeh, Portrait etc. Candid photography is also very popular.

Destination Wedding Photography

If we are talking about the trends of photography related to wedding, then how can we forget about destination wedding photography? It is the most famous trend these days where couples and their families go on some particular destination for performing wedding ceremonies. Photography plays an important role in creating a memory lane of the special moments that take place on beautiful destinations.

We at Studio Memory Lane, also have the full expertise for all the trends of professional wedding photography. We promise our customers to provide all the advancements to them in the form of professional services. Fulfilling their demands according to the emerging trends is what we work for with the utmost passion.


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