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Tips for improving Instagram photography

Studio Memory Lane, a team of top professional photographers in Punjab, has come up with an interesting blog post this time. We all use social media apps and a lot of these are especially made for uploading pictures. The most famous one is Instagram. If you are a beginner in the world of photography, this application can help you a lot. You can upload different photographs to show your talent to the world. Make your profile a unique one. For that, all you need some good tips for improving Instagram photography.

#1 Planning – important tip for improving Instagram photography

First of all, plan your Instagram profile beforehand. If you want to make it look unique, make sure which kind of pictures you are going to upload. You need to prepare yourself to click good photographs. And for that you need to work on different locations, angles, etc.

#2 Click a lot of pictures

Taking a lot of pictures is also very helpful. You can’t always click perfect picture in just one go. For a perfect one, you need to capture a lot of pictures, so that you can select the best one. Also, for a consistent profile you should have the stock to upload every day.

#3 Click pictures horizontally

This is a tip you must know for your Instagram photography. Click pictures horizontally, if you want them to look perfect on your profile. It gives a very professional look. Moreover, horizontal frame can cover the edges properly.

#4 Avoid using app’s camera

While clicking pictures, you should avoid Instagram’s camera. Sometimes the quality hinders when you click the pictures with camera within the application. If you want a high-quality picture, do open your phone’s camera and click it from there. Then, upload it from the gallery.

#5 Use third party apps

Of course, if you are only working on your Instagram account and want to make your profile look different, then you can also use third party apps for editing the pictures. There are a lot of designs which can actually make your profile look elegant and professional.

#6 Use creative hashtags

For improving your skills, follow different hashtags where you can get the ideas about clicking different pictures. Moreover, make your own creative hashtags to popularize your own work and let the world see your talent.

#7 Look for perfect lighting

This is true that for a good picture, you need a good lighting. As you are photographing from your phone, you must look for perfect lighting areas. Make sure you click your pictures when it is a golden hour or blue hour for a perfect one.

Well! Try out these tips for improving Instagram photography. Also, let us know your feedback. Stay Tune with Studio Memory Lane and don’t forget to follow on Facebook and Instagram. Hope you guys enjoying the Couple Stories on Studio Memory Lane – Chandigarh as well! If you haven’t read them yet, then what are you waiting for? Just Click here, and check out the amazing couple stories.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related tips for Instagram Photography.

How much do Instagram photographer make?

Depending upon the number of audience/followers one can make a sufficient amount of money to keep their daily expenses or even more. Estimated $100 onwards with active followers 50,000 to 1,00,000

How do get their photography noticed?

Using relevant hashtags (not too common nor unique but keeping the balance among both. Also by tagging known bloggers who are socially active and other photography pages.

How to name your picture on Instagram?

Just head over to upload section or click plus (+) in the center of your screen > select image from gallery/photos > type your caption (this is where you are naming your picture) and upload. In update 2019 and onwards, you can also add ALT-TEXT for your image to better optimize it to reach more audiences.

What hashtags to use for photography page on Instagram?

Use hashtags like #photography #weddingphotograhy #photoshoot #photographyideas #cameratricks #photography2019 #candidshots #photographytrends and many more...


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