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Makeup Photography Tips for Beginners

Makeup Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography is a vast field that is not limited to some specific photo shoots like weddings, pre-weddings, and destination photography etc. It is done for the other fields as well such as fashion, products, clothing and many more. Thus, Makeup photography is one of them. Here, we as Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, have come up with another informative blog i.e. makeup photography tips for beginners.

You all are familiar with the beauty and makeup, as it is the way to enhance the one’s appearance by using various kinds of products and makeup tools. So, let us have a look on some of the important tips that improve your makeup photography.

Getting more familiar with Makeup Photography

The most important tip among the makeup photography tips for beginners is to get more information and knowledge about the makeup photography. For that, one can start by knowing the beauty of the model’s face. This will help you to understand the natural beauty and one’s style as well.

Learning with the professionals

As it is all about makeup and beauty, so it is very important that you shoot with the experienced models, so that you can co-relate with the style. Moreover, your work will coordinate with the hair stylist and makeup artist with whom you are working. All you need is to take care about your professional work and at the same time about their professionalism as well.

Always take close shots | Best makeup photography tip!

Apart from other types of photography, makeup is all about the Model’s face, so it is natural that you and your camera should focus on his or her face. Even, you can take the portrait photographs for closer shot.

Paying attention to Model’s head and eyes

We, as Studio Memory Lane, are working in this field for a long time. We realized that for perfect pictures require the right positioning of the head. In addition, you should avoid taking shot from front or turning of the head should also be neglected. Makeup photography also focuses on the eyes of the subject that makes their whites purely white and adds volume to lashes (during Photoshop).

Should use subtle backgrounds

Another essential tip among the makeup photography tips for beginners is – one should remember that the subject has its own importance in the portrait. So, always keep it different from the background. For that, you can avoid using bright details, human-like forms, or shapes etc. Always keep in mind to blur everything except the subject.

Always do Balance Editing

Everyone likes the natural shots of the subject. Therefore, we suggest you to be accurate and never overdo in editing. Your editing must be invisible so that one cannot find it accused or unnatural.

Perfect use of lights

While photography, it is very important to use the perfect lightning system. There are various ways of lightning set-ups such as under lightning, double back lightning, butterfly lightning etc. Using such set-ups help in elimination of shadows. It also adds angles to model’s body and face.

You can use light modifiers

As its name suggests it helps in dispersion of light. It comes in various shapes such as umbrellas, soft boxes, and reflectors. Thus, it is helpful during makeup photo-shoots as well, taking place in Studio. It also makes source of light bigger.

Work with good lens

The quality of any type of picture not only depends on camera but on the lenses as well. We at, Studio Memory Lane always suggest you to use long lenses as they cover high depth and have wide aperture.

Don’t use zoom effect

The makeup photography is all about maintaining the quality of the picture. Thus, it is unworthy to use the zoom effect as it spoils the pixels and lose sharpness. In addition, they can be noisy as well.

Set the frame in composite form

Always make sure that the subject is available in the frame. It is very understandable, that the camera will focus on the center of the frame.  Therefore, keep the subject in center of the frame as it helps you to create a better focus on it.

Therefore, these are the few makeup photography tips for beginners, to learn and practice such type of photography and improve the skills. We always believe in quality work and customer satisfaction.

Hence, we at Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there foer you, with the experience of many years in all types of photography.

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