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8 Videography tips for beginners

Are you interested in capturing professional videos with simple videography equipment of yours? Well! it is not important to buy an expensive equipment for that. All you to do is just focus on some good videography tips. Thus, Studio Memory Lane, professional videographers and photographers in Punjab, is giving 8 videography tips for beginners to improvise the skill in a best possible way.

Know your equipment

As you know that we all have smart phones these days which can capture good quality pictures and videos. You should know how to use the basic camera in the best way possible. So, use back camera and shoot in landscape mode for capturing good piece of videography. If your phone has advance camera features, just make sure you know how to play with these in an accurate manner.

Planning comes first among videography tips for beginners

If you are going to shoot a video, make sure what kind of shoot it is. Is it a musical video, commercial video or ad film? You have to plan it accordingly. It is so because you must have your own visualization regarding the video before even shooting it.

Good lighting makes a big difference

For a pro videography, lighting makes a big difference. You have to look after the kind of scene you are shooting. According to the scene, you will decide where it needs much lighting or where the lower lighting is required. It all depends upon the way you want to visualize your perspective.

Background should be simple and unique

For a good piece of videography, you must use simple backgrounds to remove as much clutter as you can. The main objective of doing so is that it doesn’t take the attention of viewers away from your subject. Else, you can experiment with some themes as well. But, it must be in an appropriate manner.

Use tripods to increase quality

When you shoot videos without placing your camera at a steady place, it results out in shaky shots. Moreover, It makes your video look like home-videos. To make it more professional, start using tripod while shooting. It eliminates shaking and increases the quality of the video.

Outdoor shooting tip – Look for sunlight!

When you shoot outdoors i.e. in sunlight, make sure that the sun is behind you. It helps in not letting your videos turning black, as it captures very black footage when you place your camera facing towards sun. With this, your subject will not be visible. So, keep the sun behind you.

Shoot to edit

when you shoot a video, think smartly like a pro. As it helps you giving a lot of options at the time of editing. So, you must keep in mind that the scenes you are capturing must give you better options while editing to choose the best one among different shots taken from different angles.

Apply cinematic techniques

If you want to capture a professional-looking  video, must learn some of the pro cinematic techniques. It enhances the story telling and maintains the interest of viewers to watch full video. All you need to work on camera tricks and techniques which can result in some epic shots.

So, these are some videography tips for beginners that you can consider if you want to improvise your videography skills. Moreover, always ready to take up the challenges that comes your way. Let us know your feedback in the comment section below. For more such blogs, Stay Tune with Studio Memory Lane.

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8 Videography tips for beginners
Are you interested in capturing professional videos? Studio Memory Lane, professional videographers and photographers in Punjab, is giving 8 videography tips for beginners to improvise the skill in a best possible way.

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