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How to take perfect wedding photos in 2019

How to take perfect wedding photos in 2019

Wedding is the most important day in the life of every couple. Each couple want their wedding shoot to be a memorable one, so that the best moments of their life could be captured in a beautiful way. Here in this article, Studio Memory Lane – a team of best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab, is providing you with the best tips for how to take perfect wedding photos in 2019, which will surely help you to capture beautiful wedding photographs and also help you in learning that how could you can avoid the mistakes.

First of all you need to know that why wedding photography can be a challenge
  • From all the other categories of photography, wedding photography is different. For a wedding photography, you need to be very attentive.
  • Also, you are having a very shortage of time for capturing the best photographs of every moment as wedding comes just once in a life time.
  • Well, you as you know that it a time when you celebrate the new beginnings of your life, you want to save the moments for your entire life.
  • As a photographer, you have to make sure that you capture it in the most perfect way.
  • There are a lot of trends and themes, that are very famous these days for a wedding photography. Setting up these new trends for the purpose of photography need utmost care to get what you actually want.
  • Thus, you need to know the tips for getting perfect memory lane by taking some perfect wedding pictures.

Photography tips – How to take perfect wedding photos | 2019

  1. Assist a professional

Before you shoot any wedding, you need to learn the dos and don’ts of the wedding photography. You can learn the basics of photography from a professional, so that you can be able to avoid common mistakes.

Thus, the first and foremost thing to start your business as a wedding photographer is to get the assistance of a professional photographer. Eventually, you will get to have a good experience in wedding photography from the techniques used by the professionals.

Also, there are a lot of things we are unaware of, especially the career opportunities that we can grab at the right time. Only a good mentor or professional can guide you in a best way possible.

That is why, it is suggested to get the live training of what you do under a good professional to be in the comfort zone for your profession.

  1. Fix your camera

Before you try to shoot a wedding, you need to check all your gadgets for once. This will help you to make yourself sure that all those gadgets are working properly.

Also, you should keep extra camera lens and lights with yourself, so that you can use them whenever there is a need.

Working as a professional photographer and making excuses in any kind of situation doesn’t look good. So, better to keep extra batteries and memory cards with yourself while shooting.

Moreover, you should keep backup of photos, so that you can overcome the situations like memory loss for the ideas that you have shot in the past. The more you will be prepared for the shoot, the more you will avoid uncertain emergencies.

There is a bonus tip for your camera that you should always take good care of it. If you wonder how? Then, our blog post can help you in the best way possible, titled – Camera care tips for beginners!

  1. Never go Solo

If you wonder how to take perfect wedding photos, then you must consider this tip of working in a group/team.

It is not a good idea to carry all the accessories by yourself. Also, it is not possible to do so. Therefore, having a helping hand is a good idea during a wedding photography.

Moreover, you will find out that there is a need of someone who can assist in the management of light and taking of test shots. Thus, it would be better if you work in a team for shooting a proper wedding.

Even, we at Studio Memory Lane, work as a team. We are having the best professional photographers of town with the proper expertise and training.

  1. Pre-plan your shoot

Planning is the first and foremost thing for a big project. You should be prepared for the themes and trends you want to shoot beforehand.

For pre planning of shoot, you need extra time. Capture photos of bride and groom in different locations.

Also, give the couple a chance to choose the best poses they want for their wedding photography. Have patience and instruct the couple so that you can capture the best shots.

It will not be a wastage of time in fact, it will improve the quality of the finished product.

  1. Capture the first’s

Each and every photo of wedding is a beautiful memory for lifetime but still ask the couple about the special moments they want to be captured.

For instance – their first dance, their first look etc.  Also, you need to be very attentive while shooting these moments as these are some of the random moments that occur naturally in a candid way.

To capture such candid moments in order you need to plan the timing of the shots with the couple. Also, different locations can be used for these shots.

The best way to shoot such random moments beautifully is by keeping your camera shutter speed high. This will help in taking a lot of pictures of the moment. From all these pictures you can pick the best ones.

At Studio Memory Lane, we consider our camera as a secret bird’s eye that capture some missionary pictures from a hidden angle, and we call it candid wedding photography.

  1. Capture the reactions

People who are invited in the wedding enjoy the wedding by dancing, chatting with others, eating etc. Thus, you will find happy expressions on their faces.

All these expressions should be captured but, there is a problem that you won’t be able to shoot the candid pictures in every corner of the wedding place. So, during such a situation, you need to work as a good team and spread your cameras for the overall coverage.

  1. Know the guests of the wedding

In a wedding, you will come to meet all kind of guests. It is better to discuss the guest list before wedding.

This will help you to know the VIPs of the event. Be sure to capture good portraits of these people. Also, you can learn their names so that they can feel comfortable with you.

Moreover, your loved ones love to have special treatment on your big day. Their visit on your wedding becomes satisfactory when we pan camera on them showing the special regards.

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Well these are the best photography tips for how to take perfect wedding photos in 2019. For making a wonderful memory lane, you need to follow these useful tips as a photographer. For more such blog posts or latest updates and offers, stay tuned with Studio Memory Lane via:

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