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We, at Studio Memory Lane – the best professional candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, provide the best photography services across India. All the services are related to the professional techniques of photography as our team is highly professional in this industry.

Till now, we have covered various weddings, events and ceremonies. Moreover, we are glad to announce that with the immense love and support from our customers, we are not diversifying our business within various cities of Punjab. Step by step, we want to have a home sweet home within your hearts across world as we believe in focusing on the achieving highest goals.

Our passion to click pictures is not only confined to just click pictures. In fact, we are passionate about saving the precious moments of your life to make it memorable for the entire life. Here, we are presenting you some of the services which we provide to the customers to make their day memorable

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Wedding – a day with sparkling lights and crackers, bundle of joys, loud music, happy relatives, yummilicious food, with Band Baja, a handsome Dulha (Groom) and a gorgeous Dulhan (Bride). These are some of the most beautiful imaginary picture we have in our minds, when we talk or even think about Wedding. Such moments when get real, these are worth capturing.


Candid is a photograph which is captured without creating a posed appearance. Wedding is an event in which we get to see the cheerful faces which should be captured from some hidden or never seen before phases. The natural stance should not be interrupted because we believe the smiles that come right from the deep stomach should be captured at the very moment which doesn’t require any creative edit or additional colours.

Photo albums

No matter how much advanced the technology is today or how much space our digital devices have to save a lot more soft copies of photographs, but still In hand-copies or Hard copies are the best way of collecting the special memories of a day like wedding. Photo album plays a major role in recreating those precious memories when after a long time cousins or relatives gather and decide to rejuvenate those moments by watching photo albums. We always take care of the cheerful-moments while capturing the emotion and bliss residing in those moment because happiness is the only filter we use in our photographs.


Studio Memory Lane is a team of pro-photographers that cover corporate events across India and nations. These events are the professional gatherings sponsored by a business for its employees where we cover professional commercial photography for e-commerce websites, conference, meetings and professional portfolios along with red carpets. We have years of experience in capturing corporate photographs for the professional business profiles.


Pre-wedding is all about living the vibes of love and dedication towards each other and saving such exciting moments in the frames of memories. Different themes and setups are famous for such kind of best photography services we provide to our couples.

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