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Abstract Photography Ideas – Beautiful Examples

Abstract Photography Ideas – Beautiful Examples

It is very difficult to define the abstract photography as it is a way where you make other person force to change his or her perspective to see that particular scene or shot. Thus, today we Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, bring our new article on some of the best Abstract Photography Ideas. When it comes to abstract photography, for most of the pictures one need to do the careful composition with full concentration.

Therefore, here are the various ideas that can be used to get the best abstract pictures. Here we go:

1. Use the ICM techniques

It is one of the best abstract photography ideas. ICM stands for Intentional Camera Movement. Here, you deliberately just make movement of your camera while shooting with the subject. This move can be random, quick or may be with the long exposure as well.

2. Blurring the trees

Being experienced photographers, we – Studio Memory Lane, advice you to use the trees as subject for the ICM technique as they are considered the best way to make things look more natural. You can use various ways such as dizzying circle or a blurred streak etc. Even, you can create the circle by rotating up the camera or simply moving it up and down.

3. Illuminated Paintings

In simple words, these are known as the light paintings, where you can use the long exposure that can be created with the use of various types of lights to create the streaks on the picture. Such streaks can be flashlight, sparkler etc.

4. Bokeh – one of the best Abstract Photography Ideas

It is another easy way to create the beautiful abstract pictures. It is just similar to the hue-effect in the background to make focus on the main subject. But, in the abstract pictures, the Bokeh ultimately becomes the main subject which can be used as beautiful background.

5. Create Smokey or Dye in water shots

As we at Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are working in this field for many years, so we always suggest to create the dye drops and tendrils of smoke to enhance the presentation of the shot. Sometimes, it might be unpredictable, so you have to keep patience for trial and error while shooting.

6. Shadows or Reflections

In spite of so many examples, still the water is assumed as the most fascinating subject for photography. The reflections created in the water are blurry and shaky, so you can make focus on such reflections only for such abstract piece of work.

7. Structure of Buildings

Today’s architecture seems to be one of the innovative Abstract Photography Ideas, as there are many buildings that sometimes seem like they are meant for abstract photography. The main elements in such buildings are their curves, colors, and shapes. For instance – a metro tunnel, a curving staircase or a box-like building etc. can help in becoming alien structure.

8. High-Speed Capturing!

The most innovative idea that we at Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, always prefer to use is high-speed mode while capturing such abstract photography. Here, all you need is to focus on the water’s dropping shape and colors, the results will be definitely wonderful.

9. Patterns and Textures

Another technique for the camera movement is the patterns as these are the main souls of abstract photography. Such interesting and appealing patterns can be found anywhere. Even, you have innumerable count of patterns around you that are able to create eye-catchy photos. All you need to explore them from your perspective.

Here, you read some of the very interesting abstract photography ideas that will help to improve your skills as well as your perspective to observe the things, so that you can create your own masterpiece. For more articles, you can go through our Blog Section.

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