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What is cake smash photo shoot?

New born babies when grow one year older, the occasion turns out to be very special for parents as well as for the whole family. It gives festive vibes all over. It not only seems special, in fact the celebrations bring a lot more excitement. People are following a new trend these days which is known as Cake Smashing. It is celebrated in a proper way to cherish the first cries or giggles they have been listening for one year. It is worth capturing behind happy frames. So, let us move ahead to know about what is cake smash photo shoot.

Cake Smash Photo shoot, is a professional coverage of one year old baby, who smashes cake and become messy. This mess creates wonderful moments with beauty of joy. Photographers need to do a lot of preparation before clicking the pictures of this kind. The whole ceremony of cake smashing demands to be captured. So, let us know how it is actually done:

Choose a perfect Location and Outfit, Beforehand!

A proper photo shoot seeks perfect location for the background. If the location is good, it makes pictures look colorful, even more. Moreover, Use outfits as per the color of backgrounds. If there is a girl, pink color suits the most. And if there is a boy, blue color is the perfect choice. Try setting up the location with different toys and colorful props. Do not make it bulky. Keep in mind that your kid is going to get messy which needs more space. So, make sure to have a lot of space at the place.

What is cake smash photo shoot

Choose an attractive cake

If you have the idea about – what is cake smash photo shoot, then you must have known the fact that cake is the basic requirement here. It should be eye catchy and colorful. The photographs of the cake must be taken from different angles. Without it, this trending ceremony is nothing. Make it beautiful so that it feels hard to see it smashed but just like reality, toddlers love ruining royal things. And it is their day, so make it beautiful and let it smashed with small and kiddy hands in front of your eyes.

What is cake smash photo shoot

Take pictures before getting messy

Basically, it is a birthday photo shoot. A proper memory lane should be made of this whole occasion. Cake smashing ceremony is one part of it. If you are doing its photo shoot, then must click pictures of each and every moment, i.e. before and after the ceremony. Before getting messy, the toddler looks pretty and you can get really cute pictures with everything perfect. Click different shots with different poses which is a hard thing with a baby, we know! But hard work is always fruitful in the form of perfect shots.

What is cake smash photo shoot

Click messy pictures

Finally, the moment comes where your kid smashes cake with his little hands and creates a beautiful mess with it. Each and every moment should be captured to create a wonderful memory lane. Moreover, you get to capture the different emotions when they cry loud and giggle while spreading the cake all over. Make a quick capture of all these cute moments.

What is cake smash photo shoot

Studio Memory Lane is always up for different types of photo shoot. Cake smash photo shoot is one of them. With this article, we hope you get the idea about – what is cake smash photo shoot? You can contact us if you are wondering to hire the photographers for it. Moreover, we are always here to provide informational stuff related to photography. For more such blog posts, just Stay Tuned with us!


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