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What is Pre wedding and why is it important?

Pre wedding lays a corner stone after exchanging rings as a token of love. Wearing it seems like spreading light from treasure of nuptial bond. Generally, love gurus say that it connects a nerve from ring finger to heart. Thus, it escalates a never ending bond between the wedding couple.

Life seems changing for both – bride and groom. So, they seek for a new world made of just two people ‘You & Me’. Love seems selfish when a couple is about to fly with its wings high. They feel eagerness to know even more. Also, they want to live with each other before entering a life full of burdens. ‘Let us live a little, let us love a little’ – are the only confessions they come up with when look into each other’s eyes. That is when they start a journey of pre wedding to live life to the fullest, because at that very moment Life is Love.

It is important to capture these delicate moments behind the frames of lovely expressions. Pre wedding photo shoot gives attention towards collecting the pleasure of mixed emotions before marriage. Let us discuss from different perspectives why it is actually important:

As a Photographer
  • Wedding is a project on which everyone gives focus. So, photographers get to know their subject even more while pre wedding shoot. They work on making couples camera friendly. Generally, people feel conscious when face a camera. Making them comfortable is a task for photographers. In that case, shoots before marriage help a lot.
  • Photographers stay by your side every time throughout the journey of wedding. The more they see a couple, the more they get to know about their chemistry. Filming love stories before wedding gives them more chances to make the chemistry an electrifying one.
  • Photographers get a chance to make a cordial relationship with wedding couple while pre wedding shoot. It is important for them because they can share the ideas of portraying different poses with couple in a better way. Sharing perspectives of love with a stranger becomes little bit awkward. So, shoots before marriage help making good relations between couples and photographers.
As a Couple
  • Pre wedding shoot is very important as a couple because it gives a chance of spending time together. They get a chance to find love when spend time together for a special reason of soon getting married. It is a kind of togetherness which is worth capturing to make a wonderful memory lane.
  • Couples get to enjoy even more while shooting before marriage. It brings a little fun before getting surrounded by so many rituals of wedding. It makes the most out of a situation filled with happiness and joy when you are with your life partner.
  • Last but not the least, It is always a dream to have a romantic and intimate love story for every couple. It becomes reality when you actually get to see your love story. It is not possible without having a pre wedding shoot.

We, at Studio Mmeory Lane know the importance of pre wedding for photographers as well as for the couples. So, we provide the best services for pre wedding photo shoot to collect your special memories. Its purpose is to make it easy for you to recall your precious moments whenever you feel like. Photographers use the advanced techniques to have a wonderful capturing experience. Couples have more fun while shooting different themes with us. Our team follows the modern trends. We try to understand the perspectives of customers and give our best with new and unique ideas to fulfil their demands.


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