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Wedding is one of the most auspicious events in the life of Bride and Groom. The day celebrates love and relation of the couple. We, at Studio Memory Lane Top Wedding Photographers in Punjab, completely understand about the emotions that the couple feels on the day of wedding. It is a get together where the couple is surrounded by the relatives and friends.

With change in the trend, different types of photography services are coming up, such as pre-wedding photography, engagement photography, reception photography and so on. All these are getting popular on the name of wedding photography as couples want to capture each and every moment as part of their remembrance.

Here, we are presenting some of our best work that we have done in this photography field, as Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh. Have a look on the photo shoot glimpses!

Wedding Photographers Punjab | Made For Each Other!

Wedding Photographers Punjab - Made for each other

Dreaming of being together – it is all about a couple that is ‘Made for each other’. The couple celebrates it with the engagement ceremony. Here, the couple is sharing the warm smiles with an elegant pose on the sofa. Top wedding photographers in Punjab captured this picture as deep focus and wide angle shot with HD clarity. Although, the white gown and heavy glittering earrings of bride-to-be are completely matching with the Blue formal suit of groom-to- be, who is wearing a bow-tie.

Bridal Photographers in Chandigarh | All about a bride

Bridal Photographers in Chandigarh

The most expressive and beautiful memory of the wedding is the elegant attire of the Bride. She seems to be a diva of her D-Day. Moreover, she carries the best color contrast and jewelry such as contrasting bangles with the particular patterns known as Chudda with Kaleere. In this picture, the background seems beautiful with the lighting of lamps. Moreover, the experienced photographers used the latest techniques to elaborate the unique patterns on the Lehnga.

Best wedding photographers in Mohali | The Wedding Day

Best wedding photographers in Mohali - The Wedding Day

In this picture, all the lime lights and eyes are on couple. That is why, it is captured with a loveliest pose where the groom is holding bride’s hand. It is the day that is very special for both Bride and groom, as they have lots of dreams and thoughts to make it just PERFECT! Although, both are looking bubbly and the attires with light pink and cream shades are just setting up the perfect contrast, making them look ‘Cute Love Birds’

Best Photographers in Phagwara | Cute and Elegant couple

Best Photographers in Phagwara - Cute and Elegant couple

Love celebration is just incomplete without exchanging the love bands with your life partner. So, the Studio Memory Lane celebrates their love and relation by capturing the moments of Engagement Ceremony. Additionally, the groom-to-be is wearing black suit and a bow-tie while, her fiancé is wearing a beautiful flared off-white gown with heavy silver and golden work on it. This shot is captured with a highly magnified Lens. Also, HD quality of the picture has more expressive impact and left the background blurry.

Photographers in Nawanshahr | Best bond to capture!

Photographers in Nawanshahr - Best bond to capture

Siblings are considered to be the best friends and at the same time, they are the most irritating and annoying people, who just become so special with the growing age. In this picture, brothers are showing their bubbly love towards their sister by carrying her Lehnga. It is completely the auto-focused shot with a blur background. The beautiful twinning attire is captured with the lenses of the top wedding photographers in Punjab, where brothers are wearing the similar stitched Kurta- Pajama with light pink Turban and dark-brown loafers.

Pre-wedding Photographers Jalandhar | Sparkling affection

pre-Wedding Photographers Jalandhar - Sparkling Affection

A Beautiful Night – that creates the atmosphere of love, the bonfire – that lights up the emotions and the silence and creates aura for such amazing couple. Appearance of full moon has created such appealing effect that adds up spark, and strengthens up their bond and makes them realize how special they are for each other. Studio Memory Lane captures such aura with the long exposure. As only moon is the source of the light, it has produced the interesting effect in the picture that illuminates the foreground.

Top candid photographers in Hoshiarpur | Cool Couple!

Top Candid Photographers in Hoshiarpur - cool couple

With the change in trends, the couples are becoming more expressive about their relation and trying new setups and ways, so that they can look modern on their wedding. The mirror effect in the picture gives out the water reflection view, making it look more appealing. Moreover, the top wedding photographers in Punjab, captured this candid shot with the wide angle and the new idea is used where both of them are wearing the shades. They both are complementing each other with beautiful smiles on their faces.

Punjabi Couple Photography Amritsar

Punjabi Couple Photography Amritsar

Punjab is famous for its tradition and culture. Here in this picture, it is preserved by such traditional theme. Although, capturing such moments make them live that ancient culture for lifetime. Here, the bride-to-be is wearing a beautiful red suit with heavy embroidery, i.e. Phulkari and the groom-to-be is wearing a decent Kurta pajama with wrapped Khesi and the Kaintha. The couple is sitting together facing each other. Also, their smiles completely show the passion and excitement of their relation.

Best Pre-wedding photographers in Moga | Yellow theme of love

Best Pre-wedding photographers in Moga - yellow color of love

Punjab is famous for its immense beauty of green fields. It has preserved the tradition with lots of beliefs, stories, practices and attires. Groom-to be and bride-to-be are standing near the old tree, which provide the scenic look of the nature and enhances the shot. It is a daylight shot captured by the top wedding photographers in Punjab and has just made the picture look complete within itself. The groom-to-be is wearing the traditional Kurta-Pajama with woolen grey Khesi. Moreover, he is holding Daang. Whereas, bride-to-be is wearing yellow suit with heavy dark blue and pink embroidery in the corners of the Dupatta.

Best photographers in Ferozepur | Wedding bells!

Best Photographers in Ferozepur - wedding bells

Wedding is the most auspicious day for the couple, where they both are going to share their bond and love for their whole life span.  It is a day that is completely dedicated to the groom and bride. Studio Memory Lane has beautifully portrayed the bride, who is wearing the beautiful heavy embroidered Lehnga with perfect smile and make-over. Here, she is teamed up with elegant necklace set. Also, we use the black and white filter to elaborate the expressions and emotions. The background is perfectly blurred and foreground is illuminated with perfect set up of lights.

Best wedding photographers in Bathinda | Beautiful bride-to-be!

Best wedding photographers in Bathinda - Beautiful Bride-to-be

Tying up in a life long relation with the one whom a girl loves is the biggest day for her. This day is one of the most mesmerizing parts of her life. Here, Studio Memory Lane captured the most elegant and beautiful bride. Moreover, she is wearing an inexpressible smile that is lighting up the atmosphere. She has worn a beautiful gown and teamed up with the heavy piece of earrings. Her hairstyle has light wavy curls, while her hands are full of flowery patterned Mehndi. Also the low light capture and the detailed depth has a main role to play.

We have the experience of many years in covering all types of events and functions. We use all types of new techniques and trends to enhance your experience. Our team of the top wedding photographers in Punjab has the skill and expertise. We are providing our services across the nation with new ideas and themes.

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