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How to be Photogenic | 13 different ways

Not everyone knows how to be photogenic. Some of us are naturally photogenic while others need some efforts for it. Sometimes, it seems like you are looking good enough but still in your photographs there is something missing and that something need to be fixed.

This problem of not having your photo the way you wanted is faced by a lot of people. The talent of being photogenic is not inborn. You need to work upon it so that you can acquire the required skills. Here we are providing some posing tips and methods for becoming photogenic.

Clean your skin

If you are taking a picture, then make sure that your face is clean as it is the main focus in all the portraits. Even very small detail of your face is captured by modern cameras these days. Thus, make sure that you clean your face well before taking a photograph.

Blend your makeup neatly

If you are wearing makeup before photo shoot, then make sure that you have blended your concealer and foundation smoothly on your skin. Also, use a foundation that matches your skin tone otherwise it will look odd in photograph. Try to give a natural look and be easy with your makeup. Do not load yourself with heavy makeup. Having little touch-up is a good idea to be a perfect photogenic.

Dab off Excess oil

If you have oily skin then taking a good photograph is such a trouble. Oily skin will ruin the photograph as it reflects too much light. By using tissue paper or oil blotting sheets you can dab off excess oil from your face before a photo shoot.

Exfoliate your skin

Before photo shoot, it will be very helpful if you exfoliate your skin using a good exfoliator. Using an exfoliator will help you to remove dead skin cells from your skin and thus make it glowing for a perfect shot.

Be confident about your appearance

If you want to be photogenic you need to be confident about your appearance. Sometimes, while taking photographs you get concerned about your looks as if something is wrong with your face or your eyes, etc. You need to keep all these things aside and in spite of trying to hide those things, just embrace them!

Show your emotions

You don’t need to show fake emotions to look photogenic. Don’t use a fake smile to make yourself look good in a photo. Smile real so that you can have a natural and candid shot. Moreover, allow yourself to show natural emotions on your face.

Always smile with your teeth

Always give a doodie smile while posing for a photograph. Your real smile will show your toothy grin, not your tightly pressed lips. Keep your facial expressions natural and real.

Don’t look at the camera straight on

While posing you should not look at the camera straight. Looking straight at the camera will remove natural shadows and show fullness of your face. Slightly turn your face during photo shoot that helps in creating beautiful shadows and natural highlights.

Adjust the angle of your face

For a good photo, you should not look straight at camera. You should not tilt your head up while posing. Keep your face tilted slightly down for a photogenic look.

Lean towards camera for a good photo

Lean towards camera to create illusion of a lean, sleek body. Also, the closer the camera is to your body; the easier it is to take a steady shot.

Be comfortable

Don’t just try to follow the posing advice unless you are comfortable with the pose. Do whatever comes naturally. Being photogenic means to act in a natural way, like camera is not there. Allow your body fall naturally into all the comfortable poses for a perfect picture.

Dress to impress

It is not possible to look photogenic if you are not dressed well. Choose outfits that makes you look good and colorful in photographs. Don’t wear hangs or drapes as this will look bulky. Wear something in which you feel comfortable.

Find a good light source

Quality of appearance is greatly affected by the source of light. Make sure that the source is in the front of you or slightly above you. Avoid taking pictures with light source behind you.

Well, these were some amazing ways which can solve the problem of how to be photogenic. For more such blogs, stay tuned with Studio Memory Lane – the team of best candid wedding photographers in Punjab. Also, don’t forget to follow on Facebook and Instagram.


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