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Upcoming Indian wedding photography trends in 2019!

Wedding is one of the most important occasion in an individual’s life. Every Individual thus wishes to keep beautiful memories of this occasion. Also, they want their wedding to be well covered and saved for the entire life to cherish those beautiful memories. Many latest trends in the world of wedding photography put everlasting effect on the wedding memories. As a photographer, you need to update yourself with these latest trends to capture the whole event in professional and wonderful manner. To make it easier, Studio Memory Lane – a team of best professional wedding photographers in Ludhiana Punjab, here is presenting some latest Indian wedding photography trends for 2019.

  • Candid Photography

Now a days, the digital mediums have become flexible and there is no limit to the number of shots that can be captured. So, the pressure of photographer to take a perfect shot in one go while others are posing for the perfect shot has gone. He can take number of shots from anywhere or from a secret angle, so that he can select the perfect shot which is natural. So, today large number of photographers goes for candid photography as it captures every expression of bride and groom.

  • Black and white Photography

Black and white photography is also an addition to the latest trends in Indian wedding photography. Although this type of photography was used in past for artistic shots, but now the trend has changed and has been slowly changing with time. Thus, this type of black and white technique is used by many photographers. This type of photography removes focus from variation and the viewer concentrate on the moment captured.

  • Drone photography

Drone photography is being used these days for most of the weddings. Now drones with cameras are available at reasonable prices. Drones capture very high-quality videos and photos. Also, drones are very good in clicking images from heights. A Proper usage of drone by the photographer helps in capturing best photographs of the wedding.

  • Destination and location wedding

Location has a very huge effect on photographers. A good location enhances the beauty of the photograph. Now a days, people travel a lot to new places for pre and post wedding shoots. A beautiful and creative location helps to capture interesting photographs. Environment of the new location sets the mood and thus helps to take amazing photos.

  • Use of Smoke bomb

You can make wedding photo shoot more interesting by using smoke bombs. Wedding photography taken with the help of colored smoke bombs gives an original and unusual effect of real smoke. Such photographs with smoke bombs are mostly used as exit photos of the event. This trend of shooting with such props helps to take amazing and interesting photos.

  • Wedding hashtag in Indian wedding photography

The trend of wedding hashtag is used to gain the attention of world towards the wedding. Use of such hashtags helps couples to know the perspective of their guests about the wedding and the wedding acquaintances. Also, when guests upload photos on social media it helps in easy retrieval of photos.

  • Underwater Photography

Now posing is not just enough to take a perfect shot, many trends are there to make your shot a perfect one. Underwater photography is one of them. Waterproof cameras are available in market and are gaining very popularity as these cameras help to take beautiful underwater photographs. Underwater marriage shoots are also trending these days as this makes photos more interesting.

  • Stop motion wedding photo films

In this type of photography, still photos are animated and combined with pleasing sounds. These shot films of wedding can also be shared on social media accounts or embedded on wedding invitation emails.

  • Teasers

Teasers are also something desired by the couples these days. In these teasers, their 20-30 wedding photographers are edited and combined in a way to show a glimpse of wedding season. This makes the wedding event even bigger. It is used to share on social media.

  • Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks with brides are one of the latest trends. The guests as well as bridal parties become photographers during their big day with the help of selfie sticks and their cell phones.

  • Filmic look

Producing filmic photos is also trending. In this type of photography, photos seem like they are captured from a film. This technique helps to capture beautiful images such as capturing photos by paying attention to details. More concentration is given to shadow effects.

These are some Indian wedding photography trends of 2019 that you can see in upcoming weddings. Studio Memory Lane is witnessing each and every latest trend and thus informing you as well, so that you can make them use in your own wedding. For more such blog posts, stay tuned! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


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