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Types of camera lenses – used in photography!

Types of camera lenses – used in photography!

Photography not only depends upon the skills but also at the same time, depends on the right equipment and tools that will enhance the quality. Also, it means with capturing aspect of the emotions or memories in any type of event or occasion. Thus, we Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers Chandigarh and Punjab, are presenting our much-awaited blog on Types of camera lenses – used in photography!

With the change in time and technology, the tools that are used in photography are far more changed as well. In the past, reel cameras were used and they had not such good tendency to shoot with different angles or capture with clarity. However, with time, technology has completely transformed the cameras and lenses where they are now capable enough to capture the memories with more detail and sharpness. Therefore, here we are going to explain about the various types of camera lenses that can be used for different types of photography.

Types of Camera Lenses

There are dozens of lenses but we have picked up some of the best lenses that are personally or professionally high in use and can go best with your skills:


As the name suggests, they are meant to be with some standards and parameters, according to which they work or cover the shot. It is a lens around 50mm focal length. To understand it, we can say that it provides the same angle as to that of an angle of human-eye. So, the images or views captured in these lenses are tend to be more natural to the viewer.

With the fix focal length and wide aperture, we as Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, believe that these are the best lenses to cover various landscapes, portraits, and subjects in low light.


Such types of camera lenses are especially made for the close-up photography. The construction of these lenses from the internal is totally different to that of the normal lenses. Such lenses have high level of contrast as well as the sharpness. Therefore, they really give out the eye-catchy results.

They click the detail shots of the insects, flowers or any other subject.


It is a lens with long focal length and high magnification that covers the subject from far distance. This is the highly professional lens among the types of camera lenses. Photographers use such lenses to capture the subject from the distance without disturbing their natural emotions or actions. We Studio Memory Lane use such type of lenses to get the perfect shots without disturbing the environment. They are very compatible while capturing the candid or portrait shots.

Even, these types of lenses are also popular among the youngsters


Wide-angle lenses have the short focal length to give wider coverage of the frame. They co-ordinate very well with the standard lenses. Also, they help them to cover more than their fix perspective in single shot. Another type of such lens i.e. Extreme Wide Angle also known as fisheye lenses; that can capture around 180 degrees.

We as Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, suggest using such lenses for photographing landscapes and other subjects, which are unable to be captured by the standard lenses.

SPECIALIST LENSES – other Types of camera lenses!

Except these lenses, there are many types of camera lenses that are used in different types of photography. At the same time, there are not in very common use. They might include lenses such as tilt or shift lenses for controlling the perspective. For instance, soft-focus lenses for the portrait photography, and infrared lenses to capture light outside the normal spectrum.


Now-a-days, there are many SLRs that come with one or two lenses and you can call them as “starter” or “kit” lenses. Undoubtedly, these are good for making your skills better, but the bad part is they are generally very cheap and have the slow lenses with poor quality images.

So, in this blog, you have read about the types of camera lenses. In addition, you can now differentiate between the usages of various kinds of lenses available in the market

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