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Guide for reflection photography – Reflect your style!

Guide for reflection photography – Reflect your style!

You can’t neglect a fact that reflections have their own importance, especially when it comes to capturing unique pictures of natural subjects. In today’s blog we, Studio Memory Lane – the best professional photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are going to share some experience and guide for reflection photography – Reflect your style!

Reflections are considered as the gateway to look around another face of world, just like any picture or image, which is parallel but somehow restricted too. Apart from this similarity with pictures, it also helps in simplifying the appearance of 3-D objects to 2-D objects. So, in this way, the pictures tend to make reality and reflection, quite similar.

Before going through the exciting part of reflection photography, let us spend a few more minutes thinking that why reflections are so attractive or interesting? How can we create new ways or techniques to capture reflections with real objects?

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What is reflection photography & why is it good for photography?

This is the most exciting and popping question in your mind my folks! Many experienced photographers and even we believe that reflections have a sudden attraction in themselves. According to us, they are similar to visual illusions, the ones that you can enjoy in your day-to-day life. Whenever you just look at them, they reciprocate the world upside-down. Moreover, these can add little suspense in the images.

Being a team of expert photographers, we want to make you aware of the best part of the guide for reflection photography.  Here, we suggest that reflections can prove to be the most appropriate way of creating a specific atmosphere for all beginners or professional photographers. For instance, it can be confusing or mysterious; however, one can experience hugeness as if a reflection of the endless sky in the ocean. Also, peace, as the reflection needs a consistent and stable subject as well.

Where you can find the perfect reflections?

When you think about reflections, what is your perspective on it? It can be a mirror effect, perhaps, or a mesmerizing scene of a lake with still natural elements.

One of the main factors in the guide for reflection photography is that you can capture reflections at so many places and they can form appealing patterns on different crusts. Whether you choose to photograph the landscapes, portraits, products, etc., you can still work with reflections for detailing your photos.

We, Studio Memory Lane – the best professional wedding photographers in Punjab, have experimented a lot with our devices and reflections, especially such type of work can be seen in Pre-wedding, or destination photo-shoots. You can even check out our work from the Couple Stories Section.

For urban or metropolitan photographers, water can still an option for you like puddles or lakes, etc. However, the glass buildings provide other options to you. For example – you can begin with shop windows or glass infrastructures and go on clicking your creativity from them. Mirror surfaces or elements around you help to add another dimension or a twisty twist to your image or photograph.

How to capture the perfect reflection?

Fellows! When it comes to capturing the reflections, then, it is an easy task! However, you must take care of a few things while capturing the reflections. Here, below are those few tips that will prove to be the best part of a guide for reflection photography.  Let us have a look:

  • Unless it is planned, make sure that you do not make efforts to show up the reflection. Moreover, keep changing your angle in terms with the source of light, so that you don’t appear in your shots.
  • Make sure that you create a frame. It is so because they are going to help you to create an interesting composition and experiment with the greatest effect as well.
  • The trickiest part of reflection photography is the use of lighting. So, we, Studio Memory Lane, suggest that while capturing the reflection around the natural elements specially, it is mandatory to settle the lights first and then finalize the shot.

Hence, these above–mentioned things will improve your skills for Reflection photography. Moreover, for more photography related blogs, you can go through our Blog Section.

We, Studio Memory Lane – the best professional wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are here with a team of expert photographers. We have all the latest and best equipment for your better experience and results as well. Apart from Punjab, you can enjoy our services in all parts of the nation. Do not forget to share your views on why reflections are so attractive or interesting? How can we create new ways or techniques to capture reflections with real objects?  Go ahead and share your views on the below-mentioned social media platforms.

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