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How to start a photography blog?

In the era of internet, blogging is one of the easiest way to show case your talent. It has been very helpful in the case of photography. So many people have actually earned name and fame by showing their passion for clicking pictures through blogging. If you are also good at photography and want to show it to the world, you should start a photography blog. It gives you a chance to convert your passion into profession. Now the question arises – How to start a photography blog?

We at Studio Memory Lane, always try to provide the informative guidance. Being a team of professional photographers, we too believe in the power of blogging to serve transparency to our clients. It makes them easy to understand what photography is for us. This article is helpful in answering the concerned matter of how to start a photography blog. By following some easy steps you can also start a photography blog:

Choose a unique name:

Identification is the basic requirement to start a blog. So, you need to brainstorm for choosing a well suited name for the same. It should be unique and simple which people can search for. It should have the capacity to gain organic traffic on the internet. Also, it should be related to the photography.

Buy domain and hosting:

After deciding name, you need to work on buying domain and hosting. By doing this, you can own a place on the internet i.e. website, for uploading your blog work. If you do not want to buy immediately, then you can also start free blogging on or many other websites like this. It helps in attracting audience for your blog, which can eventually pay you a bit. It is a kind of investment that you can later use to buy your own domain.

Developing your website:

If you are starting a free blog, then you do not need to develop a website for it. But if you buy your own domain, you must need it. You can hire website developers for the same because it is not an easy task and requires a lot of coding. It helps in setting up a proper layout for your website. Attractive themes are designed to set up the tabs for your blog.

Start uploading photographs and content:

After setting up a proper platform, you need to upload the photographs and content on your blog. If you will not upload the proper stuff related to photography, it will be a hindrance for your success. Content should be informative and interesting to engage the audience. If you just want to upload the photographs, then you must have the bulk of collection to upload as many pictures as you can after same intervals. But it is better to upload some articles as well. It gives life to your pictures in the form of words.

There should be consistency:

One must upload the blog posts with proper consistency. It seems systematic when you upload balanced amount of pictures and written content after same interval. It helps your blog to remain on top ranking. It helps in targeting audience at a particular time. Eventually, it is important for your blog posts to increase organic traffic.

These are some basic steps which you need to follow for getting the answer of how to start a photography blog. This can easily help you in showing your passion for photography to the world. You can get a lot more opportunities for the same. Eventually, you can earn the tag of professional photographer with the help of blogging.



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