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Destination Wedding Photography Tips

If you are a photographer and you are going to shoot a destination wedding and it is your first time then you must need destination wedding photography tips for the guidance. To know more about it as a customer perspective, you can visit our blog related to destination wedding. But being a professional photographer is a challenge because it is little bit tough to handle the first times. But we can’t deny the fact that it includes a lot of fun when you get the chance to roam around the world while shooting for destination weddings. For making your visits easier, this article provides informative purpose for the photographers. For are some destination wedding photography tips which can prove helpful for the beginners in the profession of photography:

Research for destination wedding
  • First of all you have to do the full on research regarding the destination wedding. You need to evaluate your service cost. Setting up a budget beforehand is good to avoid disruptions afterwards.
  • If you are going to shoot an international wedding then you need a visa to visit the destination. In that case, you should apply for the work visa.
  • Then you need to check whether destination allow the outside photographers or not. Because some particular destinations only allow their own photographers.
  • Moreover, location should be safe to shoot because you carry so many devices for shooting. So, you should get the proper place to keep the equipment.
  • As you can see this research part is so important before going on a destination wedding and you need to be careful for this matter.
Preparation for the destination wedding
  • When you are done with your research work, you must start the preparation to go for shooting a destination wedding.
  • Shooting a destination wedding is a hard nut to crack, it requires proper planning for implementing the different techniques of shooting.
  • Safety always comes first. So you need to check the insurance for the equipment you are going to use for the whole coverage. Insurance plans should be extended in that case beforehand.
  • You must carry important papers with you along with extra photo copies, for instance – passport and ID.
  • Even make health preparations for yourself. You can only work appropriately if you are in a sound health. Sudden climatic changes and travel fatigue can cause health issues. So, it must be taken into consideration beforehand.
  • You need to discuss the full plan with the wedding couple for the fulfillment of their demands. They will be contended if you will communicate with them properly and time to time for discussing the details related to photography.
Arriving the destination wedding
  • As you are the person to manage the activities related to photography so you need to arrive early on the destination to have a look for the setting. It makes easier for you to apply techniques of photography while capturing the wedding
  • You need to spot the perfect locations on that destination where couples can pose for the royal clicks.
  • Also, stay at the same hotel where the couple is staying because it makes easier to communicate with them for the edits. You can get the random captures as well for enhancing their memory lane.
  • Moreover, never forget to pack the chargers, power banks and memory rolls. All the backup devices must be with you all the time.

Hopefully, these destination wedding photography tips prove useful for you. We at Studio Memory Lane, after working for so many destination weddings, still consider all the above mentioned tips before visiting a particular destination. Our team is always helpful for the fresh photographers whenever they join us for the work. With the aspect of providing quality, we make sure to deal with utmost passion hoping the best outputs.


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