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Tips to shoot awesome wedding video

Tips to shoot awesome wedding video

A wedding video shoot is not that simple as it seems to be. It is a very challenging work. Having a good camera or good equipments doesn’t make you a good wedding film maker. For that purpose, you have to work hard, so that you can prove yourself as a great filmmaker. There are many ways which can help you to be a good videographer. Here in this article, we at Studio Memory Lane – a team of best professional candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are sharing some tips to shoot awesome wedding video, which you can use to get perfect video clips for your wedding.

In today’s world, everyone has good smart phones with amazing cameras. One can shoot nice video clips with such good mobile phones. Even then, it can not match the level of professional cameras. Thus, it is mandatory to save your day for lifetime in a quality video clips or photographs. That is why, we are sharing some awesome tips to help the photographers in their videography skills.

Communicate with the couple, venue and the vendors

It is very important to communicate with the wedding couple before the wedding date. Communicating with the couple will help you in what they want in their wedding video. This will provide you not only the idea of the video but also help you to know what they actually want in the video.  Knowledge of such things is very helpful as this will help you in avoiding any mistakes.

Also, visit the venue before wedding, so that you can get to know about the venue and its rules or regulations if they have any. This will help you to know that which type of equipments will be required by you during the wedding shoot. It is your responsibility to have everything required in order.

Carry less gear on shoulder

As a videographer, you have to shoot the video from different corners of the venue. Thus, you have to run around until the wedding get over. So, it is advisable not to carry heavy gears on your shoulder. This will make you feel tired and you will lose concentration in your work. Therefore, you should carry only those things which are needed. Also, make sure that you are having extra batteries and memory cards.

Keep multiple audio sources

You can recapture many moments again and again in wedding once they are captured. So it is better to do your job with full effort. If your camera is not having a good sound quality, then you can use external recorders. Always try that you should not put any mic on bride, use a microphone on groom. Also ask DJ about their setup.

Capture traditional shots

It is one of the most wonderful tips to shoot awesome wedding video. Everyone wish to do little experiments on wedding but make sure that you always get some shots which are typical traditional. These shots will increase the beauty of the shoot. Also, don’t forget that all the couples wish to see their first dance or cake cutting in the video. But before you get the cool traditional shots, make sure that you have captured all the important things.

Keep the camera stable

Keeping the camera stable is very important for perfect shots. So, going with handheld is not a good idea. You can use tripod, monopod, slider to support your camera. Tripods will work very good for a wedding shoot.  Also, arrange everything in a manner such that you can easily switch between your gear support. When you are shooting in tiny room of hotel with lots of members, that time you will be having very little space. In such case, you need to switch to monopod or glide cam.

Prepare for low lightning conditions

Shooting receptions during evenings are very stressful for the film makers. Thus, to get good shots in this situation you should have your own lights so that you can get good shots. When you use your own lights, make sure that you use them sparingly as these lights can disturb guests. Don’t spoil the mood of the guests by leaving lights on them during the entire wedding function.

Editing of the video

Once you are done with shooting the wedding video, you have to edit it so that a final video can be determined. If you want to get a good output you need to use professional video editing software which will help you in editing the video in wonderful way. Don’t use copyrighted images when you are editing the wedding video. Use only those which are obtained by you. Keep the requirement of the couple in mind while editing the wedding video for them.

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