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Monsoon photography Tips – to be creative!

Monsoon photography Tips – to be creative!

Monsoon is here and shooting in Monsoon brings the best in you as a photographer. It provides perfect opportunity to capture beautiful rain photos. It is a great time when you can go creative with your camera. Here are some monsoon photography tips, given by Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab, to help you to become more creative in shooting rain photos.

  1. Catch impact of reflections in monsoon

Wet surfaces are very helpful in bringing interesting perspectives. Look out for different angles to take a photograph from a perfect angle. Try to find out puddles that reflect people, architecture and details from the surroundings. By capturing subject as well as the shadow, you can make a beautiful composition.

  1. Be creative while using windows during rains

Water droplets on the window panes help to be creative. A beautiful and creative portrait can be made through raindrops. Abstract shots can also be taken by shooting through your moving vehicle window.

  1. Tripod | best monsoon photography tips

Although tripod is not that much essential to take perfect shots but sometimes your camera focus better while placed on tripod. Photographers use tripod to avoid the problem of blurred images due to the camera shaking. It will help you to get a better focus and also increases the shutter speed which is necessary to take beautiful shots.

  1. Zoom in on the details

The minute details which are missed by eyes can be seen through close-up images. It is the best among all monsoon photography tips to be creative . Thus, zoom in on beautiful details of nature like water droplets on flowers and grass.

  1. Go creative with your flash

Sometimes flash helps to show dimmer elements in better colors. Thus, by using flash light you can experiment and be more creative with your pictures.

  1. Capture the mood – capture the monsoon!

Rain brings out lot of emotions. A little kid smiles on being drenched and a person who has forgotten his umbrella makes a sullen face. Such emotions add beauty to pictures.

  1. Catch the action

If you are an observant, the hustle bustle of rain helps you to take interesting shots. You can take beautiful candid shots during rain like a person running and picture of colorful umbrellas can bring life to you photography.

  1. Use light properly to capture rain droplets

To add creativity and drama to your photos, be selective with lights – is an another best monsoon photography tip you need to follow. Use interesting light to add charm to your photos and to capture the movement of rain, you can use back lighting. Look out for different light sources to get creative photos.

  1. Use different camera angles

This is not strictly a camera technique but experimenting with different angles while taking a picture will help you to find that which angle will give you a perfect shot.

  1. Play with your camera settings

To get amazing photographs, play with your camera settings. Fast shutter key to freeze rain drops in your picture. Slow down shutter to capture rain drops movement. If you are shooting in a dim light increase your ISO settings. Use manual mode of your camera and you will come to know different features of your camera. By using these different features, you can be more creative in your photography skills.

  1. Aperture settings

While taking photos in rain you are not just capturing a particular object you are also focusing on the water droplets in the background. For the finer details of object and the background, you should avoid going for a shallower depth for the object in focus. If you want to go with quicker shutter speed, you also need to increase the aperture.

  1. Always protect your camera while raining

Photography in monsoon provides many opportunities to shoot beautiful pictures, but it is not that much camera friendly. Rain water can harm your equipment so to keep your equipment safe, cover it with plastic or umbrella. You can also protect your camera by using a waterproof camera case.

  1. Cleaning kit

Regardless of how much safe you will keep your camera some droplets still make their way to settle on your camera. For this situation, always keep a microfiber cloth and a cleaning kit so that you can take a good shot.

  1. Protect yourself from monsoon’s aftereffects

Before you protect your camera, you need to protect yourself. Cover your head and don’t let yourself get wet. It is important to protect yourself otherwise you can fall sick. Wear a raincoat or carry an umbrella. Wear everything that is waterproof.

Studio memory Lane – best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab!

Well, these are the best monsoon photography tips that you can follow to be more creative with rain water and can capture the beauty of monsoon. For more such blog posts, stay tuned with Studio Memory Lane! Also, don’t forget to follow on Facebook and Instagram.


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