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Our photographer possesses the potential of turning your ordinary jiffy into an awe-inspiring moment.


We offer best still photography services in Ludhiana Punjab and we strive to convey your story oh-so beautifully as a professional & best wedding photographer. 6 years of heart & soul devotion to photography and 10 years of professional provision makes us someone you need. Becoming best photographers demands a true set of skills and at studio memory lane our photographers excel in every aspect.

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As a best pre wedding photographer, We believe the glory of wedding photography does not only rests with clicking pictures and capturing the day rather it is making the day memorable in the eyes of the couple and guests as well. Find best pre wedding photographers in Ludhiana at competitive price. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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On the very special day of your life give us a chance to capture every beautiful moment of the wedding and make the day immortal. Best photographer in Punjab at your service who will include every single detail into your speaking pictures moreover our photographers will work smoothly without any disturbance to the guests in the wedding.

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This current trend in photography provides freedom of expression. Here the subject of the photograph does not get any prep time, so the captured moments are 100% natural Hence demands a best photographer with the right set of skills, the story does not ends here our candid photographers also excel in giving taken shots extra touch-ups for flawless finish. We possess what it takes to be a skilful candid photographer.

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A photobook is a charming way to display most precious moments of your life whether it is a family holiday or birthday party our photographer offers best designs that suits every occasion or event. Our photographer believes in creating more than just picture books that is why we utilise state of art photographer equipments and tools. Experience how professionals work and book your charming album today in Ludhiana. Either it is a wedding occasion or a birthday party give us a chance to make the occasion immortal once and for all.

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Followed by 15 years of experience in Punjab, we give our clients more approachable and professional look in business portrait photography. Our professional photographers are dedicated to provide skillful corporate photography in at competitive prices. Our teams of best photographers are widely popular for their skills and state of art equipment. We care to serve in Ludhiana, Chandigarh and other states of Punjab at affordable rates.

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Our skillful photography studios in Ludhiana, Punjab will assure that your next event’s shooting is flawless. With our best event photography services you will be able to make your event memorable for years to come and cherish the occasion. Either it is an office party or pre wedding shoot our photographer will serve his purpose at its finest. Best photographers right at your service.

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Our Photography

To us photography as an art of finding something special from an ordinary place
– Nothing but a perfect observation of a photographer.


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Aug 17, 2017

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Disha & Sahil Pre Wedding

Aug 22, 2016

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Love & Megha Pre Wedding

Aug 22, 2016

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Our photographer possesses the capability to capture ten thousand words in the blink of a moment.


Followed by a rich history of creativity, artistry and innovation, our studio offers the best photography services in Punjab which for sure would always exceed your expectations. We believe clicking wedding pictures is all about treasuring sweet memories.
With over 15 years of experience, our photographers have well understood what it takes to create more than just pictures that could narrate a story in the most appealing way. We are also glad to share that we have received acclamations for our unique and premium work. Our award winner photographers are proficient in their work and are truly devoted to meet client’s expectations at any cost. We also strive to take photography to another level. Since our inception we have always fuelled this professional with our passion, enthusiasm and expertise and also this is how we came to be known as the best wedding photographers in Punjab.
From Ludhiana to Chandigarh, as a professional photographer we work to a brief set by the employer or client. Whether the event is formal or casual our passionate and professional team of photographers is always ready to treasure the crucial moments of an occasion with classic perfection. To help the couples celebrate their love and romance in pictures we have not limited our photography services within the Punjab region. So, if you want to treasure your wedding moments or pre-wedding courtship moments in the best pictures please feel free to contact us!

What we love?

As experts, we are aware of true duties of a photographer. We love creating memories and devoted to our profession. We embrace capturing real moments of love, affection and joy our artistic skills, play a vital role in having perfect pictures. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much worth would be a speaking picture.

What we do?

We are truly professional photographers well established in Ludhiana, Punjab passionate yet focused on our work. We offer photography services at its finest level. You can expect us to offer pre-wedding & wedding photography, candid wedding photographer, cinematography, eCommerce photography documentaries and so on.

 What we  believe in?

We simply believe in the perfection that is why our work speaks for us. While focusing camera lenses we try our best to capture the simplicity along with feelings that is how the true identity of a photographer can be seen in our work. Photography is the combination of science & art and only experts can balance these two vital spheres when it comes to capture moments.