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Guide to learn drone photography – Get best aerial shot!

Guide to learn drone photography – Get best aerial shot!

Aerial shots have become more exciting and appealing with the development of new technology i.e. Drone. Thus, we, Studio Memory Lane – best professional wedding photographer in Punjab and Chandigarh, are presenting a full guide to learn drone photography – Get best aerial shot!

What is a drone? 

A drone is a high-flying camera that allows you to capture creative and unique pictures of common objects from a new angle. However, a drastic fall has been noticed in the prices of such cameras. So, if you are looking forward for making an investment in it, then don’t wait too much. They are not only equipment that helps you in shooting from the greater heights, but it is more than that – it is a complete package for fun!

Start with it!

The biggest advertising feature of the drones is the ease of operating their controls. Flying Straight out from the Box is a general term that is associated with the drones. It is so because of their high-speed flying tendency. Charge its battery full, download the right app on your smartphone or smart device, get the remote out and here you go! Moreover, we, Studio Memory Lane, suggest you to begin with finalizing some limitations regarding the place it covers. Also, we guide you to restrict the height as well as the distance that should be covered by the drone. Must start flying it somewhere its wide open, such as ground or park; also spend time on understanding all the controls of the drone as well.

Rules & Regulations!

Before using the drone, you must know all the rules and regulations, out of which few are mentioned below, as they are the important part of the guide to learn drone photography. We also suggest you to surly check these with your local air safety administrators for any further details in your region.

  • Your drone must be in your LOS (Line of sight).
  • Another thing to keep in mind is the maximum height of drone to fly is approx. 133 meters (400 feet).
  • Avoid flying it over the groups of people or in-crowd.
  • Always respect the privacy of others during the shoot.
  • You must remember not to fly the drone, anywhere near the airports and other no-fly zones that are specified in your region or country.

Drone:  An Amazing Technology

In today’s era, drones are appreciated for having awesome technology that has completely changed the scene of aerial photography:

  • Firstly, all you have to do is to connect your smartphone with the remote control, so that you can see what the drone is viewing. This will help you to make a perfect set-up of the camera or lens composition.
  • You also get the facility of camera controls, which are extensive – like manual or auto control, RAW capturing, time-lapse, etc.
  • Another feature is that it works as an aerial tripod, where it will float at one spot with unimaginable balance. Even, when you take your hands off from the controls, then also you will find that the drone will stay in that position.

How it supports aerial photography?

Whenever, you first begin flying, it will be very exciting for you to reach to your spot, load your required images or pictures and enjoy over the scenes that you have captured. However, it is a miss belief that aerial photography is a challenge. However, the aerial photography will become too easy for you, when you start using the drone for capturing the unique shots.  While using the drone for aerial photography, we, Studio Memory Lane, guide that you must need to balance the lights and conditions, which can prove to be the strength for it.

Moreover, you can shoot with a carefree mind when you have a drone, especially in the low- light zone. It also provides quality results with such a small camera unit. It can shoot with proper stability, even at height of 300 feet that can be surprising for you! You can even shoot in panorama mode when you are down at sea level, which creates something unique in your collection.

So, these are some of the important things in our blog on guide to learn drone photography, which will improve your skills consistently.

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As, drone photography is one of the recent trends and if you also want to look updated and trendy, then, we, Studio Memory Lane – the best professional wedding photographer in Punjab and Chandigarh, are here at your service. We have a team of passionate photographers, who are always ready to cover all the unique and best moments of your events or ceremonies.

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