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Recent photography trends in 2020

Recent photography trends in 2020

As we are moving up with time, there are phenomenal changes that we can see in the technology of cameras, equipment and photo editing. So, we as Studio Memory Lane – the professional wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are here with our blog on the recent photography trends in 2020 that is dedicated to all of my beginners and professional photographers.

If we look back a few decades, we realize that only some special people were there who took an interest in the field of photography. Moreover, this field requires a lot of management and spontaneous creativity, due to which people even find it difficult too. However, in today’s era with massive development in the field of photography, it has attracted many people to make it as part of their life and to reveal their photography skills.

So here, we are going to share some of the very recent photography trends with all of the readers:


With the invention of new gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and cameras, all these have helped in bringing the revolution. This is so because all these gadgets come up with the professional camera software. Such software enables a user to capture high quality and creative pictures. Moreover, they can edit it and simultaneously post it on various social media platforms. Being professionals, our team of Studio Memory Lane performs many experiments by using such gadgets to improve our creativity level. Moreover, it enhances your management with all types of software.

Macro Photography 

With the improvement in camera technology and engrossed with the science, it has facilitated the one to capture closer shots. In such a technique, the lenses are far better to capture all the tiny elements such as insects, water droplets, etc. Also, it is one of the best parts of recent photography trends.

Retro – Style Photography

Undoubtedly, nowadays people prefer to use new styles of photography. However, being professionals, we have always given equal preference to the old and classic style of capturing pictures with sepia filters. This will not only give a classic touch but also make the pictures look vintage and attractive.

HDR Photography 

HDR (High Dynamic Range) – one of the most creative parts of the recent photography trends. In such type of photography, one can amplify the display of the images that cannot be easily captured by the naked eyes. Due to this reason, it is becoming very popular among beginners and professional photographers.


It is one of the most important equipments for the beginner as well as professional photographers. With the change in technology and the introduction of new devices, DSLR is the most trendy device to handle for a perfect click!


The invention of drones has facilitated the capture of aerial shots. It also helped the professionals like us to cover the wedding or other events to get the full view of the venue from the height. Such type of photography is famous in the real estate industry, as it can capture the completely beautiful constructed site. Whether the brokers, agents, or property owners, they use a drone to get the bird’s eye view of the site for their customers.


‘Selfie’ is a well-known part of recent photography trends among people nowadays. It has provided an opportunity for the people to capture their own pictures. Also, with the help of a ‘selfie stick,’ one can capture the group shots of themselves. During a selfie, you can capture it without the help of a photographer; it is an instant way to capture the moment of yours.

So, these are some of the recent photography trends that you have read above.

Apart from all these above – mentioned types of photography, we, Studio Memory Lane – the professional wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there for any wedding or pre-wedding photography as well. We are comprised of all the professional and highly skilled photographers. Also, we are available across the nation with all the best equipment and props.

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