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Ideas for wedding photographer Chandigarh | The Best Ones!

Ideas for wedding photographer Chandigarh | The Best Ones!

As photographers, you have a chance to impress the bride and the groom by your skills and ideas. Thus, we, Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh, are here with our blog on Ideas for wedding photographer Chandigarh. Here, we are presenting our best collection of the finest pictures with a variety of ideas and props that will guide any beginner or professional photographer in Chandigarh or in any other part of the world, to capture such pictures of your clients.

Come on! Let’s have a look:

Love for books!

In such pictures, you can see that we have tried to make them pose within the libraries, or you can even make a studio-setup with books as well. This kind of picture is in the list of the couples who have the habit of reading and believe that “books are our best friends.”  Here are some examples of this shot:

No Complaints No Demands – Theme Photography

It is always good to have a relationship with no complaints and no demands and books easily justify such promises between two lovebirds. This shot is taken in the studio-based set-up made by our team of Studio Memory Lane.

Pre wedding photography Chandigarh

Romance in Library – Trending pre-wedding photography Chandigarh

Now a days, couples usually demand for the trending pre-wedding shots to make their special day memorable even more. The theme followed here is unique and interesting. This amazing background with books seems like the couple is romancing in a library.

Support of Bride’s maids!

Friendship is a unique relation in the world and your friends always stand by your side, no matter what the situation is! Therefore, here we are presenting one of the best Ideas for wedding photographer Chandigarh, in which we have presented the gorgeous bride with her team of stunning bride’s maids. ‘They are more than friends to her – they are Soul Sisters’.

professional wedding photography Punjab

Bride’s Maid – Professional Wedding Photography Chandigarh

It is an amazing feeling for any bride, when she gets ready to be someone’s better half. This feeling can be celebrated in various ways, especially with the friends and siblings. In this picture, you are able to see the bride surrounded by her BFF’s (best friends forever) with whom she had spent most precious memories of her life.

Picture with wedding accessories!

We all love to capture our memories with our friends, relatives etc., but you must realize that all the accessories that you are going to carry on your wedding day are equally valuable. So, they deserve to be captured as well. This idea is completely inspired from latest trends used as the best Ideas for wedding photographer Chandigarh.

Bridal photographers in Chandigarh

Bridal photographers Chandigarh – All about a Bride!

The most expressive and beautiful memory for a bride is to have a picture of her elegant attire. She is the diva of her D-Day. Moreover, she is going to team up with the best color contrast and jewelry.

Click while Dancing!

As wedding is all about masti and celebration, so how can you resist yourself from dancing? We, Studio Memory Lane, suggest that if you are looking for capturing the shots with portrait photography skills, then click it while all are enjoying their dancing moves.

Photographers in Moga

Photographers in Chandigarh – Rock and Roll Sohniye!

It is so right to call them Dancing Jodi, as they are feeling the same happiness and joy of being in life-long relation. Here, the couple is looking involved and they are just completely supporting each other very well.

Proposal Time!

Every person has feelings for someone special. Also, they wait for the right time, when they gonna say it out. Thus, that moment becomes very special and priceless. This is one of the interesting Ideas for wedding photographer Chandigarh, to capture the filmy poses of the couple.

Destination pre-wedding Photographers Amritsar

Destination pre-wedding photographers Chandigarh – Will you marry me?

Falling in love with someone is the best feeling one can ever experience. However, it becomes more special when you can express it to the same person. Getting a surprise proposal is the best feeling that a girl can ever feel. So, in this picture, you can see the groom-to-be proposing his beloved in a very romantic manner.

Shot with sisters!

In this shot, you can try to make a frame with sisters of the groom. Whether it is about the groom’s or bride’s, sisters from both the sides remain equally excited and ready to celebrate the love life of the couple! Therefore, we as Studio Memory Lane, guide you to settle-up all the sisters or sister-in-laws in one frame and just click the moment!

professional photographers in Chandigarh

Professional Photographers in Chandigarh – Candid Shot!

Whether its love of wife for his husband or on the other side the love of the sisters for their brother, both of them are so precious and infinite. Sometimes proving love can create candid fights between the loved ones. This is one of the perfect candid pictures shot by our team of best photographers in Chandigarh.

Wedding photography is the most unique and idealistic form of photography, where you can get an opportunity to reveal your talent with your technical and creative skills. Therefore, here we have presented some of the interesting ideas for all the photographers, so that you can inspire from them and capture the best poses of your clients.

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