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What is pre wedding shoot?

Wedding comes along with so many colors of photography. It gives a lot more opportunities to show case the glimpses of special moments. Pre wedding shoot is an important part for a wedding journey to begin with. It basically portrays the love story of wedding couple in a filmy way. To know its importance, you need to dig the answer for the question – What is pre wedding shoot?

It is an art of picturizing the journey of love from strangers to life partners. Pre wedding shoot includes activities related to photography and videography. A team of professional photographers and creative designers work collectively for its fulfillment. Filming the couple stories with different and unique themes is its basic concept. Now the question arises that how it is done? It is basically done in two wide forms. First one is pre wedding photography whereas, the second one is pre wedding videography. Let us have a look on these two forms of pre wedding shoot:


Pre wedding is known for its distinguished photography. Different themes are used to picturize the whole setup in a single and perfect shot. It is commonly done on a particular destination. Pictures clicked with a perfect background seem even more attractive. So, having scenic views are just the icing on the cake. It gives a lot of opportunities to the couples for making wonderful memories while posing. It creates a loving environment to add the flavor of originality in photography. Moreover, candid photography is kind of infamous these days among wedding couples. They love their random captures without any posed appearance. Pre wedding photography provides a wide collection of photographs to portray a distinct story of togetherness and love.


When the question arises that what is pre wedding shoot, the word ‘shoot’ makes an imaginary picture of shooting on a place surrounded with big lights, a lot of cameras and cameramen. Videography actually includes this type of shooting setups for pre wedding couples. It eventually produces beautiful video crafts with a cinematic view. A lovely background music puts the essence of love. Uploading this kind of video is very popular on social media these days. It is basically known for its concept of filming a couple story in the form of video edit. Various editing techniques are used to produce a perfect piece of creativity.


Technology plays an important role in pre wedding shoots. Latest devices help to provide excellence. These shoots are possible only with a professional team of experts. They have to apply several calculations and techniques to capture from a different perspective. Drone shoots are popularizing day by day because of its modernized concept of air craft. Slow motion effects help to provide a special attention towards particular shots in videography. Increasing scope of using advanced technology is taking pre wedding shoots to a next level.

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