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Best Close-Up Photography Tips | Full Guide

Seeing something closely is magical. It helps us to know the minute details of a particular thing. Close up photography is fun. Also, it is a good way to test your photography skills. Here, in this article Studio Memory Lane – a team of professional photographers in Punjab, is providing you some very helpful close up photography tips, which are given below:

  1. Selection of camera for photography and lens for photography:

 This is not necessary that in case of close up photography you need an expensive camera. Any camera and lens can be used to take beautiful close-up images. All what you need is a DSLR or mirror less camera and a lens to focus your object.

Other things such as tripod or focusing rail are not necessary. First thing which need to be taken care of is lens which gives the magnification of the subject. You can use macro close up lens to get especial close up of your subject.

  1. Extension tubes:

These are tubes placed between camera and lens. These tubes don’t interfere with light reaching sensor. These can be used to extend the distance between rear element of the lens and digital sensor. This way you can get very close to the subject. Also, these tubes have reasonable price.

  1. Close-up photography tip – Start with a flower:

There are a lot of things that can be used as subject but if you are a beginner you can choose flowers as they are not that much challenging subject. You can take shots of flowers either indoor or outdoor.

The best place to make the flower your subject is outside as there is the presence of natural light which helps to take beautiful close up shots. Botanical gardens are great for close-up photography in the beginning.

  1. Selection of best light for close-up photography:

While choosing light during photography, you need to be careful. A good amount of light helps in taking beautiful photographs. On sunny days you can take a lot of wonderful close-up photography shots as sunny day will give good amount of light for photography.

While shooting inside you can go for same options, all you need to take care is that your subject must be near a window to get enough light to capture gorgeous details.

  1. Shoot towards sky for best results:

beautiful close-up photographs mostly have simple background. Such simple backgrounds emphasize the subject.

  1. Choose a great angle:

In close-up photography, it is very important to choose a right angle. If you want to portray shape and color of subject, then shoot on that level with your object.

The common mistake is shooting from wherever you are standing at an angle of 45-degree towards the subject. It will make your photo look boring.

  1. Prevent shaking of camera:

capturing details is a very crucial matter. You need to be sure that the clear photographs come out of camera. Try self timer or a remote release to prevent the shaking of camera

  1. Use manual focus for little details:

Manual focus helps in giving very precise focus. You need high precision when you are shooting at high magnification.

  1. Continuous shooting:

Continuous shooting also helps in providing many fascinating little things in the frame. When you are shooting a subject continuously, there are the chances that many such details come into the frame that can enhance the beauty of the close-up photographs.

  1. Edit photographs:

When you snap a lot of shots, you can edit them to use clarity filters or to bring out details of the subject. Also, to control over small, medium, large image of the object. For that, a Large number of tools are available through which you can enhance clarity of your photograph.

Well, these are the best close-up photography tips that you can follow as a beginner to improve your skills. Hope you find this article helpful.

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