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Photography tips for foggy weather!

Photography tips for foggy weather!

Getting moments clicked has no particular day or time. Photography is like an art that one can do anywhere or at any time. However, this is also true that getting our favorite shots are not an easy task. Sometimes, all you get is a perfect set-up in your surrounding and all you need is a camera to get it framed. Thus, we, Studio Memory Lane – the best professional wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are here with our blog on photography tips for foggy weather!

In this blog, we are going to help you out that how all the low cloudy, misty, or foggy weather can prove to be a creative way to get awesome pictures, also, how to co-operate with all these tricky situations.

Let us have a peep to these:

Starting with an early shoot!

The perfect time to get the fog and mist in the early morning, this is so, because the fog develops in the overnight and it might not stay for a whole day. So, just go out of your bed as there might are some creative shots that are waiting for you!

Get the exposure! – Best among the photography tips for foggy weather!

The trickiest thing that you are going to face is managing the right exposure in the foggy or misty weather. However, it is much likely to be the same as the resistance you have faced while shooting in the snow. Being professionals, we, Studio Memory Lane, advise you to overexpose the shot. All this will insist the camera to be underexposed. This will make the fog look rendered drab and grayish.

Magic of Manual Focus!

Undoubtedly, modern cameras are highly smart and have auto focus function, which will facilitate you while shooting in any season or weather. However, this function would not prove beneficial in case of foggy or misty weather. Moreover, the conditions will make things look diminished. So, we advise you for using manual focus settings. For better shot you can set it to infinity, also, you can simply put the lens down to ensure that you have adequate depth of field.

Anchor Point

When we talk about focus then, we must need a thing to focus on, – and it is something that must catch the attention of the viewer. Also, you can portray scale and distance focusing on the foreground object near you. If you find yourself surrounded by skyscrapers or tall buildings, then, do not forget to look up and make focal points. That is why; it is one of the most important tips in the list of photography tips for foggy weather!

Shutter Speed!

The fog can vary in many features such as pattern, texture, and distribution. The fact is that how you want the fog appears will definitely depend on the shutter speed. We, Studio Memory Lane, also suggest using longer shutter speed for the real look of the fog across the scene.

So, these are the tips that you have read to improve your photography during foggy, misty or low clouds weather conditions.

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