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Types of Indian wedding photography services

Whenever you hire a team of photographers, you generally wonder what services you should take from them.

This article by Studio Memory Lane – a team of professional candid wedding photographers in Punjab, is going to help you out regarding the matter. You will get to know about different types of Indian wedding photography services.

It will eventually make your choice easy regarding the photography services. Here you go with the detailed list of different photography services.

Traditional Wedding Photography

This type of wedding photography is something very traditional. Here, pictures are clicked in an old way from head to toe, posing randomly away from the camera lens.

You must have seen the wedding albums of your mom and dad or elders. It generally, has the same kind of photography styles where you get random pictures of guests doing different activities. Or you can get some pictures with simple poses.

This is the most basic type of photography services that you can easily get in India.

Professional Wedding Photography

Here come professional wedding photography services in which activities are carried forward by professional photographers.

With full of expertise and training, photographers give their best to save each moment behind the perfect frames. Also, the devices they use are made of modern technology.

Mainly, modern trends are followed in this type of photography.

Pre-wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photography is the most famous type of Indian wedding photography services. To know this type in detail you can read our blog – What is Pre-wedding shoot?

Also, if you want to know about the different pre-wedding locations, then you may like this blog as well – Best pre-wedding shoot destinations in India.

Generally, in this type of photography, wedding couples get a huge gallery to save the memories of love in the days just before wedding.

Candid Wedding Photography

Well, the name itself seems super cute – Candid wedding photography. It means with clicking different random poses in wedding.

We have clicked various candid wedding pictures. To have a look, you can read our couple Story – Din Shagna da | Punjabi Candid Wedding Photography.

The rituals of an Indian wedding are worth capturing behind the frames of happiness and purity. Thus, in this type of photography, camera plays the role of a secret bird eye to click random poses.

Wedding Cinematography

Wedding Cinematography – the type of photography services which are most common in this modern era. Photographing the moments with different perspective is its main agenda.

We all love movies with its super professional picturisation. Just like that, the cinematography services capture the cinematic view of a wedding.

To have its clear view, you can watch our recent YouTube VideoPre-wedding Shoot in Dubai.

Drone Photography

Drone Photography services in recent times were very new. But today, people are demanding drone shoots for their wedding.

It takes sky view of a destination. Also, capture the epic shots from the sky. Its device is designed like an air craft which is easy to fly with a remote control.

Give a quick read on our blog regarding its benefits What is the benefit of using drones in Wedding?

Camera Cranes

Just like the other devices, camera cranes are also provided in Indian Wedding photography services. Its helps in taking the full coverage from above.

We usually have seen these cranes at the locations of shooting films. But now a days, these are common to capture the weddings as well.

In this way, after knowing all the types of Indian wedding photography services, we can say that Indian photography is on the track of professionalism.

With the help of this article, now you can make a good choice between the services i.e. which one to choose or not.

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