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Types of Photography | A Quick View on most trending ones

This time, Studio Memory Lane, a team of best professional photographers in Punjab, has come up with the most trending types of photography. We are always ready to give you a small or big piece of information related to photography styles. Today, we are going to show up a list of its different and most famous types. Here you go with a quick view on the concerned listing.

Adventure Photography

The photographs that we capture while adventuring something crazy in the outdoors is known as adventure photography. It clicks breath taking shots for you in the best possible way.

types of photography


Candid Photography

It is a kind of professional photography which clicks random poses of the people from different angles with hidden camera eye. It results in picturising real facial expressions.

types of photography


Commercial Photography

This photography type clicks commercial pictures. For instance, clicking pictures of a brand’s product as its subject for the purpose of its promotion or advertisement.

types of photography


Event Photography

Event photography basically deals with the activities to capture an event scenario. It clicks pictures of guests and audience present in an event.

types of photography


Drone Photography

It is one of the most famous types of photography these days. It clicks epic shots from sky. Its devices are designed as a structure of helicopter or plane.

types of photography


Family Photography

This kind of photography clicks family pictures for making a wonderful memory lane. It clicks the stories of love and togetherness of a family.

types of photography


Fashion Photography

Photography used to capture the clothes and other items for the purpose of displaying professional brands in any event or for big promotions.

types of photography


Food Photography

Food photography is a kind of tempting one. It clicks pictures of food to fell in love with its presentation or for advertising any restaurant for its food.

types of photography


Here you go with a full list of most trending types of photography. This article is specially written to give you a quick idea about photography types which are so famous these days. If you are a beginner and you want to specialize in one type, then you can try any of it. For more such blogs, Stay Tuned with Studio Memory Lane.


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