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Tips for better maternity photography –  Trending style!

Tips for better maternity photography – Trending style!

Every woman has a longing to be called as ‘mom’, ‘mommy’ or ‘maa – maa’. Therefore, all those moments that you are going to spend during your maternity period are very auspicious and precious for you. Today we, Studio Memory Lane – the best professional wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are here with one of the most awaited blogs on tips for better maternity photography – trending style!

‘Her ears are tempting to hear those words in the fumbling and unclear voice of child. Her heart wants a little companion who creates lots of mess in her house but helps her to manage her messy life with the presence. Her hands want to touch those tiny and soft hands and feet that are vigorously moving just for her embrace. She is waiting for her baby – boo! ’

Nowadays, maternity photography is setting up the new trend among all the expecting as well as pregnant mothers. Moreover, they seem to be very excited to show out their baby bumps. So, this blog with all useful tips for better maternity photography is dedicated to all the beautiful women to capture their special moments for a lifetime memory. Let us have a look:

Angles and Poses – tips for better maternity photography! 

maternity angles and poses

Posing with your belly bump in a perfect angle can give out many stunning and perfect pictures. These are the main things that professional or beginner photographers should take care of during their shoot. It is natural to find variations in the human body that is why we, Studio Memory Lane, advise you to let them pose according to their comfort and physical appearance. This will not only make them feel comfortable while shooting, but also their pictures will look more attractive and perfect on their own. Here, are some poses that you can try:

Hands around the belly!

It is innate to find her touching her baby bump, which tends to be the more lovable and caring way to capture a picture. Even, she also gets the right way to put her hands around and pose like a cute mommy! You can also mix it up by making her pose while her hands in her pocket, on her hips or her back.

Hands around the belly

Shoot from height – One of the best tips for better maternity photography!

If you want to present belly bigger then, we, Studio Memory Lane, suggest you bring out a stool or find a place that supports sufficient height. One of the impressive ways to do this is to make your subject lie down over a soft blanket or couch. This will provide you ample height during the shoot. Moreover, her belly looks attractive and she can flatter it as well.

Shoot from height – One of the best tips for better maternity photography

Let it be real!

Looking at her belly is a very common gesture that every pregnant woman does. So, make sure while capturing her in such pose her face should be tilted naturally. Try to avoid making her tilt in an awkward manner, which might create a double chin. Even do not forget to make a pose with eye contact and smile. It is a classy pose and everyone wants to see the immense smile of a mom-to-be.

Let it be real!

The couple poses with a baby bump!

If mom-to-be is so much excited then, how could you forget dad-to-be! Having a baby in their life is not only a dream of a mother, but a father equally builds up lots of wishes to be blessed by almighty. So, it is one of the most important parts of the tips for better maternity photography, where we guide you to make the couple pose together while facing each other. This pose shows a sense of love, concern, care, and responsibility that both are going to share with a new family member.

The couple poses with a baby bump

Straight look! – for better maternity photography

Being professionals, we, Studio Memory Lane – best candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab, guide you to shoot according to their baby bump and attires. If you have a chance in which you can straight out tell that mama is pregnant, then, do not miss it. Pose while twisting aside is very common among the pregnant women, but all the time she will not need to pose aside. It is better to let her pose at an angle of 45, which works well too.

Straight look! - maternity photography

So, these are some poses that you can use during maternity photography and get awesome pictures of the couple as well as a baby bump.

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