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Necessary Equipment for photography | Every beginner should have!

Necessary Equipment for photography | Every beginner should have!

Having photography, as a hobby is quite expensive until you go through today’s blog. itis all about the necessary equipment for photography – every beginner should have! We, Studio Memory Lane – the best professional wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, have a team of professionals and we are running one of the excel companies of photography and videography for many years. Thus, we understand the problems that as a beginner you might face in your photography career.

When it comes to photography, multiple types of equipment are required to capture the professional pictures. However, one thing you should always know is that it is not necessary to buy all the equipment right away! As a beginner, firstly you have to focus on gearing up your photography skills with some basic equipment, which you will read about in the subsequent paragraphs. Let us have a look at some necessary equipment for photography:

Camera Tripod!

Some accessories are very compatible with photography such as a tripod. In any type of photography, whether it is landscape, portrait, street, night or in pre-wedding or wedding, you need a tripod at some point in time. It is highly useful as it provides stability to the camera and avoids unnecessary blurring in the scene. We, Studio Memory Lane – the top professional pre-wedding photographers, always carry tripod during our shoots and even guide you the same, as you don’t know when you will need it.

Shutter Release Remote – one of the necessary equipment for photography!

As its name suggests, it is an equipment to control the shutter speed and ‘take a shot’ without physically touching the camera body, which somehow eliminates the possibility of shaking of the camera and unnecessary blurring. It is used as a support with a tripod. There are two variants for the release remote – wired and wireless. Even nowadays many new features are introduced like – half-press support and built in-timers, etc.

Try Prime Lens

When it comes to photography, several lenses will help you in providing different types of shots from different angles. However, for beginners, we Studio Memory Lane, guide to start practicing with the prime lens. Firstly, you should understand this lens; a lens that teaches about proper composition techniques. With such kind of fixed camera lens, you get an opportunity to think through your shots more, which ultimately stretches your skills and helps you to improve faster.

Using external flash!

It is one of the best equipment in the list of necessary equipment for photography, even as a beginner you might think of using the in-built flashlight for capturing the images. However, when it comes to professional work, we always suggest carrying an external flashlight, as you don’t know when you need it. Powerful and rich are the few features that you must keep in your mind while purchasing such flashlights.

SD Cards (Secure Digital Card)

All other tools and devices are on one side and SD memory cards are one side. It is so because all of your hard work and creativity are going to be part of these cards. Also, it is better to have a handful of small SD cards than to carry big SD cards, as this will be helpful in case of an emergency when your one card is out of memory. So, in this situation, you can use the other one.

Camera cleaning kit!

Cleanliness is the need of an hour! If you want to keep your equipment, tools, and cameras to work very well, then always remember to clean them from time to time. Dust, dirt, and moisture can also easily get into camera bodies, lenses, and accessories. If you neglect such a thing, then it will be the most expensive and silly mistake that you will do. It will cause permanent damage to your equipment as well. Even, cleaning the camera kits can also be expensive. It is very important to learn how to clean them properly. For that, multiple things are required such as cleaning solution, microfiber cloths, air blower, etc.

Camera Strap!

The camera might come with a branded strap. Mostly, the straps that come with your camera are small, weak, ugly, and uncomfortable. The main difference between the branded and complementary straps is like day or night and you will not regret it. We, Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, suggest you buy a strap with features like durability, adjustability, and comfort zone, etc.

Camera Bag!

The best equipment in the list of necessary equipment for photography. When you buy all the above-mentioned products, now it’s time to buy a well-designed bag for carrying this equipment.

All the above-mentioned are the necessary equipment for photography. Also, we as professionals always recommend starting practicing with these and improve your skills.

There is no such type of photography that we haven’t done, whether it is covering engagement, pre-wedding or wedding photo-shoot, you can book us, as we are Studio Memory Lane – the best professional wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are here at your service. We have all the professional equipment and props that will enhance the quality of the picture. Moreover, you can enjoy our services in any part of the world.

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