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Phoneography is the new trend | Future of Photography

Phoneography, the word itself states its meaning. It is made up of two words – Phone and Graphy. Pictures that are clicked with your smart phones these days fall in the category of phoneography and it is the new trend in photography of 2019.

Traditional devices like DSLRs are now dying due to the new modernization of smart phones with the highly advance featured cameras. There is no mode of photography left that you can’t click with your handy smart phone.

Moreover, portability is what we love these days. It gives the best portability because of its pocket friendly structure. For a photographer, camera is the only thing that he needs to carry along wherever he goes. Smart phone, thus be the best choice in that case.

It is predicted by so many professional photographers that phoneography is the future of photography. It clearly means with the increasing use of smart phones even for the professional photography.

Also, Studio Memory Lane – a team of the best professional wedding photographers in Punjab, is highlighting some of its future considerations.

Easy to buy

The first and for most thing that comes in our mind while taking forward the passion of photography is its high expenses that are incurred to buy a good device. Traditional professional cameras cost too much these days. You should have saved enough to buy an average lensed camera. Even then, you get limited features. But, phoneography doesn’t limit features as it is done by smart phone cameras.

These days, it is very easy to buy smart phones. You get portrait modes even in a budget device. Also, there are so many other features that you can apply on your photohgraphs. Not only the pictures, you can play with the different modes while capturing videos as well.

Easy to handle

For a photographer, camera is the only partner wherever he goes. But carrying big devices along is a difficult task. Also, these devices are very expensive and thus need proper care while travelling. For that matter, photographer has to take insurance plans for all the devices and it takes too much time in the whole process.

In the case of phoneography, you need not hustle that much. You have to carry only one device along with you for a good photography. Moreover, it doesn’t even need an extra bag to carry because smart phones can easily fit in your pockets. It gives the extra ease in clicking pictures as well.

Easy to share

Here, we are talking about the future aspects and future can only be predicted by observing the current scenario. We can see how we all are indulged in the activities of social media these days. From a personal handle to a business entity, all need digital presence.

Thus, social media plays the important role in photography as well. It is always a very long task to click pictures in a professional camera and then transfer all its data into the device from where you can share it on social media.

Phoneography is the new trend in photography as the smart phones already have the sharing features. Social media is a place where you share everything that sounds interesting. Well, smart phones are the only device that you keep with yourself to click everything and post.

So, these are some future considerations that make us believe in ‘Phoneography is the future of photography’.

Examples of phoneography | It’s a Contest Time

This is the very interesting part and you guyz can make it super interesting. Let us make a gallery of phoneography. It is your turn to click with us.

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