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Camera care Tips for beginners – Ultimate suggestions

Camera care Tips for beginners – Ultimate suggestions

Camera helps you to capture beautiful moments of your life. The best thing you can do for your camera is that you should take care of it. Also, if you take proper care of your camera it will work for long time. And also it will help to extend its life. So, if you want your camera to be safe, you need to put some extra efforts.  Only then you can enjoy the good performance of your camera. Follow these simple camera care tips for beginners to keep your camera fit and fine, given by none other than Studio Memory Lane – professional candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh and Punjab:

  1. Use a Camera-care bag

If you are beginner in the industry of photography, then you have to keep an eye on your device. Of course, no one is expert in one go. You have to make yourself friendly with the equipment you use for your work.

It is not cool to carry your camera in any backpack, suit cases etc. Also, some people carry camera in their hands. But you need to know that keeping your camera in such a way is not good for its safety.

 If you really want to protect your camera you should use a camera bag. It not only protects your camera from any type of breakage but also saves it from rain water or any uncertain damage to its outer structure.

Also, not only camera, but there are some other accessories as well, which is used to plug-in with the device or you get these from the company itself along the camera. All these things are kept safe in a camera bag.

  1. Be careful about camera lens and LCD screen

LCD screen or camera lens are two delicate parts that needs the tagline – “Handle with care!” Also, keeping them safe only is not the job. You have to keep them clean and clear if you want them function properly.

Don’t use cheap glass cleaning products for your camera. These products will only harm your device, instead of providing any extra care to it.

Buy a special cleaning kit for your camera lens which should contain all the required materials to clean the lens in a proper way.

Also, use a microfiber cloth to clean finger prints from your camera lens. You can also buy solutions to clean your camera sensors.

  1. Never leave batteries in camera for too long

Camera batteries leak acids. Batteries when kept in camera for long, they get corrosive. So, if you are going to keep your camera on self for too long, you must remove its batteries first.

Also, never leave empty batteries in your camera. Because it also can harm your device with the leakage of some harmful chemical.

Thus, it is suggested to keep your batteries safe in a small pocket of your camera bag, where you can protect them from any sort of damage.

  1. Turn your camera off for good care

We usually have this habit of not turning off the device we are using while we take a break. We keep them turn on at rest, which eventually lessens the life span of a device. Thus, it is suggested to turn off your camera if you are not doing anything.

Keeping camera on increases the chances of ruining of memory card as well. But turning your camera off helps in battery conservation. Also, if you keep your camera on you have to change a lot of batteries after short period of time.

For the better camera life or to keep it safe from the problems like over-heating or extra battery eating, must turn your camera off for the intervals when you take break.

  1. Beware of canned air

It is one of the most important among all the camera care tips for beginners. The question here arises – What is canned air?

It is a product, which is also known as compressed air. It is used to clean the dust from electronic device. But here, you need to learn how to use the cleaning products as well.

It is so because, these cleaning products are made of some harmful chemicals. For which, you need to beware of the canned air as it damages your camera. It contains a lot of chemicals that can cause harmful effects to your equipment.

Thus, it is one of the most important camera care tips for beginners to use it carefully with the proper directions given on the package.

  1. Using Blower is another good camera care tip

To remove dust from lens and to keep the lens safe, you can use a blower as well. You can easily use it when camera lens is kept out of the camera bag.

Moreover, it helps to blow the grooves of the lens.

  1. Clean your camera bag

If you keep using same camera bag for too long, it will collect a lot of dust in it, which will eventually harm the equipment.

So, if you want your camera to be safe, you need to clean your camera bag so that you can keep your camera away from dust and damage.

Now a days, you get the bags with very fine quality that are washable. Thus, you need to be careful while purchasing a camera bag. Only buy the one that doesn’t get damage after washing.

  1. Silica gel

Camera gets exposed to number of conditions that you must be experiencing as a beginner. Thus, it is suggested to Keep the silica gel packets or capsules inside your camera bag.

These will help to absorb moisture and keep your camera equipment safe from the harmful conditions that are unpredictable.

Moreover, you need to be careful with such chemicals, i.e. keep silica out of the reach of children as it is poisonous.

  1. Lens cap

It is absolutely right – ‘Precaution is better than cure’. There is no doubt that you get all the assessment for the problems associated with your camera equipment.

But why to rely on such expensive solutions, when you can keep your device safe with the proper care.

Thus, it is suggested to use Lens cap. It not just protects camera lens but also it helps a lot to get rid of dust on lens. Always replace your camera cap, so that you can keep your camera lens safe.

  1. Don’t keep camera in bright sunlight

You need to keep in mind that you should not keep your camera exposed to bright sunlight for long time. This will cause damage as heat can melt the lubricating greases.

Also, the parts of your camera get over heat-up while exposing to sun light. Thus, make sure to be careful while working on a sunny day.

  1. Use a camera strap

Camera strap is a very important part for the overall safety. This small strap helps to avoid the consequences of camera falling down from your hand.

It seems a very petty thing, but makes a huge involvement in saving your equipment from the unpredictable damage.

  1. Wipe it up

If your camera comes in contact with water, don’t waste time and use a cloth and wipe it up.  Water can damage its hardware and can destroy it permanently.

So, it is better to make sure that you have dried up all the wet parts of cameras. This will keep your equipment safe and sound for the life-long.

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