How to do perfect Candid Couple Photography? – Studio Memory Lane

If you are wondering about how to do perfect candid couple photography, then you are reading the right article. The picture above in the best example of such photography. Studio Memory Lane, a team of best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh as well, has its talented hands behind this beautiful capture. The candid […]

Sparkling Lights | Candid Shots

Studio Memory Lane – the professional wedding photography in Punjab, is providing the very professional candid shots all over Punjab. Clicking candid moments with secret bird’s eye is what makes candid photography beautiful. It is basically the beauty of originality. Nothing looks more wonderful than a picture with real and big doodie smiles. Know more […]

Studio Memory Lane | Punjabi Couple Wedding Photography

In Punjab, the Punjabi couple wedding photography is the topic to chit-chat upon. Even, very few professional photographers actually explored this tradition before. Now a days, it’s been a trend that every photographer is covering this major aspect being in Punjab and even in Chandigarh as well. Leveraging to our perspective, being the best Punjabi pre […]

The Happy Bride | Professional candid wedding photography in Punjab

Bride in her happy senses posing for the professional candid wedding photography in Punjab. Her simplicity is portraying all shades of royalty at its best. Her million-dollar smile is speaking volumes about the story of her new beginning in life. Moreover, she is actually wearing bridal glam in the place of facial makeup. The more […]

Couple Goals | Pre wedding Photography

Are you a citizen of Punjab? Do you need professional photographers for your pre wedding photography? Well! In that case, Studio Memory Lane – the best professional pre wedding photographers in Punjab, always welcome you.   About the Couple The couple in this picture is posing for a pre-wedding photo shoot. With the elegant smiles, […]

Pre-Wedding Couple Photography

Pre-Wedding photography is all about spending time al-together to get in comfort with each other. Enchanting the well-spent moments into photographs or cinematic videos is the best thing a couple does after their wedding! We as Studio Memory Lane – the best pre-wedding photographers in Punjab, always try our best to gather each and every […]

Love me like you do | Pre-wedding photo shoot

The couple here is shooting for their pre-wedding photo shoot. For this kind of shoot, you need to prepare beforehand. It is not just randomly done anywhere. In fact, you have to search good locations for this shoot. Backgrounds always play major role in photography. Studio Memory Lane, a professional team of best candid wedding […]

Candid Wedding Photographers in Punjab

Studio Memory Lane provides the prominent team of best candid wedding photographers in Punjab. The couple in this picture is posing for their special day. The feeling is beyond explanation, we know it! Thus, we capture these moments to make a wonderful memory lane. You can remember each and every moment with the exact feeling […]

Punjabi Wedding Photography | Maninder & Arshdeep

India is a country of different cultures. Each culture has its own beautiful and cheerful colors. One of the amazing cultures we captured in our frames was of Punjab. The couple ‘Maninder & Arshdeep’ in this picture is posing elegantly for their Punjabi wedding photography. We, at Studio Memory Lane provide professional wedding photographers in […]

Cuteness Overloaded | Professional Pre-wedding photography

Your favorite Studio Memory Lane, a team of best professional wedding photographers in Punjab, presents you a cute couple story through the professional pre-wedding photography. This couple is actually happy living the magical moments prior to marriage. Enjoying these moments to the fullest, their eyes speak volumes about how lucky they feel for being with […]

XOXO Special | Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

As you all know that Valentine’s week is going on. Thus, today i.e. Kiss Day, love story of this couple is the best one to post. Celebrating their love, they both are setting the most beautiful frames for pre-wedding photo shoot. The royalty of love is reflecting from every corner. It is due to the […]

Long way to go | Professional pre-wedding photo shoot

Eternal happiness is all about walking on the long and rough ways along with the love of your life. Together, you can even cross the unused pathways. The couple in this picture is portraying the love and support they are having for each other. Making the moment memorable, they are living it to the fullest […]

Drowning into Eyes | Pre-Wedding photo shoot |

Drowning into deep water does no good to your life but drowning into someone’s eyes is the best thing you can do in your love life. You can drown for good only in the eyes of that special one with whom you are going to face every low or high wave of life. Similarly, the […]

Beautiful bride | Candid Photography |

Beautiful bride is all set to smile big behind the frames of happiness. She is someone with a kind heart and beautiful soul. You can see it from her facial expressions which we click as candid photography. This is one of that cute moments we always look for. The reason we love this photography style […]

Pre wedding Photo shoot – Shivam and Reha

Shivam and Reha, a ravishing couple, all set for the pre wedding photo shoot in this picture. Their happy faces say it all. They want all the shades of drama. They are portraying the most trending love story through window wearing black shades which they call – Kala Chashma. They are setting high benchmarks with […]

Portraying pre wedding shoot | Sandeep & Shilpi

Pre wedding shoot in this picture is portraying a lovely bond of the couple – Sandeep and Shilpi, who are taking their steps closer to the happy beginning. Their love is like a firefly which glows even more when it is dark all around. They can effortlessly pass through the ups and downs when they […]

A Love Ride – Professional Wedding Photography

The best of professional wedding photography is right in front of you. They ride like crazy with all the love and affection when they be together. This picture becomes relatable when a wedding couple starts riding their journey of togetherness after tying into a pure relationship.  The relation of care and security, where one picks […]

Mr. & Mrs. Perfect – Pre wedding photo shoot

Mr. & Mrs. Perfect – Aren’t they looking so cute together? This picture from the pre wedding photo shoot is defining their unique chemistry. The way they are looking into the eyes of each other is worth capturing. It tells how perfectly they both are paired with the coolest tags. Moreover, it reflects their Happily […]

Akanksha – The Beautiful |Candid Photography|

Candid photography is all about clicking random pictures from a secret bird eye. Its essence of originality makes the shot perfect. Your happy moves are its poses. All you need to do is live the moment to the fullest and make it capture behind the frames of happiness to cherish it for the lifetime. We, […]

“The True Love” – Pre Wedding Shoot

The True Love couple is perpetually alluring the flawless loving vibes of each other. Their never ending love can be seen easily in this portray of “Love Life with a Happy Wife”. Moreover, their smiles rescue the love resides within themselves. They are deeply in love with each other which you can see on their […]

Laavan Phere – Professional wedding photography

Professional wedding photography is all about taking the whole coverage of wedding rituals and sacred ceremonies. Bride in this wedding is touched by emotions while performing the sacred ritual of Laavan Phere. It is an Indian tradition where the wedding couple takes circles round the bonfire while a preast chants sacred Mantras and tells the […]

Lets celebrate equality – Pre wedding couple Navdeep & Navdeep

Being equal in a relationship means with loving and caring each other equally. Like the names, this pre wedding couple – Navdeep & Navdeep, celebrating their equal parts in each other’s life with a promise of being together in all the phases of life. Faith is the only basis to strengthen this kind of bond. […]

No Complaints No Demands – Theme Photography

It is always good to have a relationship with no complaints and no demands. Books can easily represent this kind of relationship between two love birds. Theme photography is all about capturing a setup to represent the couple’s chemistry in the most suitable way. Team of Studio Memory Lane found this couple highly understanding for […]

A wedding couple to be – Engagement Ceremony

Excitement is beyond imagination when it comes to a wedding couple. Engagement ceremony of this lovely couple is an ultimate instance filled with bunch of joy. Hearts full of happiness makes it special even more. Every couple dreams so much for this one special day. Even for this couple, this day was very precious because […]

Light it up – Pre wedding photoshoot

Studio Memory lane is the place where we believe in making memory lane of special life moments. Pre wedding photoshoot with this lovely couple is special for us. Their unconditional love for each other makes it special even more. They wanted a photography to lighten up their electrifying chemistry. Just like this lightening lamp, they […]

Happy Chef – Theme of Love

Kitchen makes a lot of stories with the best husband or best wife. It suits the most to picturize a theme of love. In the aura of happiness, this couple is setting a wedding goal by keeping the promise of being together in everything. They believe that love is more about feeling the sense of […]

Perfect Mehandi Photoshoot

Wedding is all about celebrating so many traditions. Mehandi ceremony is one of the most important traditions a bride dreams about. For making it memorable, a perfect mehandi photoshoot is must. This ceremony drives the most lovable feeling of darkening the color of love. It is a symbol of Shagun (Omen) for a happy life. It […]

Wedding Couple – Inderbir & Swanpreet

A wedding couple, Inderbir & Swarnpreet, spreads love with a charming glow on their face. This is all because of the happiness associated with being together. One can compromise with every little thing except marriage. So, they both lived their special day to the fullest for a happily ever after. They made promises with each […]

Pre wedding Couple – Gurkanwal & Sandeep

Pre wedding couple, ‘Gurkanwal & Sandeep’ were enthusiastic for their theme photoshoot. They wanted to look like a traditional Punjabi couple and arranged everything related to it. Eventually they looked gorgeous wearing Punjabi attires. Their happiness was worth capturing. So, our team at Studio Memory Lane made every shot possible. We created the environment by […]

Engagement Ceremony – Kanwar & Jasmeet

Engagement ceremony is a wonderful experience of life. It makes the bond of love stronger even more. Kanwar & Jasmeet set an example for the same. Their love is like a musical tie – a single note which comes out by playing two different musical notes. Music connects strings of hearts. So, they were perfectly […]

Candid Couple Photography – Akhil & Mahak

Happiness is all about having a soul mate. Courtship is the period when you experience it the most with expressions of love. It can be seen in the eyes of this lovely couple – Akhil & Mahak. The moments spend just before wedding are beyond explanation. You experience these heartfelt moments just once in a […]

Pre Wedding Rahul & Tanima

“Love is in the air, when there is an affair” Fabulous couple Rahul & Tanima sharing their stay-heart memories together, inscripting the forever bond of love. Happiness is the reason behind a meaningful life we all treasure in our partner. Both expressing their joy of Love, beading memories in the thread of love composing a […]

Wedding – Gurkanwal & Sandeep

Wedding – a day, which seems a dream come true for a bride. Her eyes wait for a partner with the hope of many promises. From the imaginary pictures of being a bride to actually feel butterflies by looking at herself as a Dulhan is a feeling of mixed emotions for every girl at the […]

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