Wedding Couple – Inderbir & Swanpreet

A wedding couple, Inderbir & Swarnpreet, spreads love with a charming glow on their face. This is all because of the happiness associated with being together. One can compromise with every little thing except marriage. So, they both lived their special day to the fullest for a happily ever after. They made promises with each […]

Pre wedding Couple – Gurkanwal & Sandeep

Pre wedding couple, ‘Gurkanwal & Sandeep’ were enthusiastic for their theme photoshoot. They wanted to look like a traditional Punjabi couple and arranged everything related to it. Eventually they looked gorgeous wearing Punjabi attires. Their happiness was worth capturing. So, our team at Studio Memory Lane made every shot possible. We created the environment by […]

Engagement Ceremony – Kanwar & Jasmeet

Engagement ceremony is a wonderful experience of life. It makes the bond of love stronger even more. Kanwar & Jasmeet set an example for the same. Their love is like a musical tie – a single note which comes out by playing two different musical notes. Music connects strings of hearts. So, they were perfectly […]

Candid Couple Photography – Akhil & Mahak

Happiness is all about having a soul mate. Courtship is the period when you experience it the most with expressions of love. It can be seen in the eyes of this lovely couple – Akhil & Mahak. The moments spend just before wedding are beyond explanation. You experience these heartfelt moments just once in a […]

Pre Wedding Rahul & Tanima

“Love is in the air, when there is an affair” Fabulous couple Rahul & Tanima sharing their stay-heart memories together, inscripting the forever bond of love. Happiness is the reason behind a meaningful life we all treasure in our partner. Both expressing their joy of Love, beading memories in the thread of love composing a […]

Wedding – Gurkanwal & Sandeep

Wedding – a day, which seems a dream come true for a bride. Her eyes wait for a partner with the hope of many promises. From the imaginary pictures of being a bride to actually feel butterflies by looking at herself as a Dulhan is a feeling of mixed emotions for every girl at the […]

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