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What are the practical photography tips and key points 2019?

Every photographer wants his picture to be unique. For such purpose, one needs to be up-to-date and have to learn some practical photography tips and key points of 2019.

Here are some useful tips given by Studio Memory Lane – a team of professional photographers in Punjab as well as Chandigarh, that can make you a better photographer.

Learn the camera

The most common mistake what people usually make is not learning the features of their camera. It’s beneficial to explore all the features and settings of your camera, no matter whether you are shooting with pro-level DSLR or you are shooting with your cell-phone camera.

It’s okay to spend some time in reading your DSLR or shoot manuals. Also, spend time in exploring various apps and features that will help you have more control over your phone’s camera.

Understand Lighting and how to handle it

Light plays a very major role in capturing a good shot. So, take some time to learn about how light works and how to handle it.  Also, try to experiment with natural lighting and artificial lightning.

There is no need of expensive strobes, LEDs or fancy modifiers for lightning. The way a light is captured inside a photograph has a dramatic effect on the final image.

Assemble Inspiration – best photography tip and key point of 2019

You can find a lot of photography inspiration online. Many websites are there to help you find different ideas for photography and also many inspirational blogs are out there that will help you in finding photography inspiration.

Maintain your Camera

Always clean your camera sensors and camera lens, as keeping them unclean will also affect the quality of your picture and dust marks will appear on it.

Camera sensors collect dust and thus, decrease the picture quality. So, always make sure that you are cleaning your camera lens or camera sensors regularly or take it to local camera store so that they can clean it for you.

Experiment with variety of equipment

Learn completely the equipment you have and make the most of it. But learning variety of equipment also helps. Learn how to experiment with DIY to high-end photography equipment.

Sometimes, using strobes is fun but you don’t always need to spend money on new camera equipment as there are many camera rentals options out there. Just search for such options in your area or check out the camera rental websites.

Learn from photography courses

Local and online courses for learning photography are preferred to learn photography skills as schools out there are very expensive. So, it is better to go for such online courses which are affordable. A ton of online website is available which can help in providing you photography skills.

  1. Stick with the basic

Today good photographers use DSLR cameras with just two settings: aperture and shutter speed. Only these two features are majorly used by them. Today’s cameras come with hundreds of features.

But the ones you need to understand are: the right aperture and right shutter speed. Understanding these two settings will help you in becoming a better photographer.

  1. Learn from your mistakes

If you delete every photo you think is not good and you are not happy with that photo, then you are missing the opportunity to learn from your experience as the photos you think are of no use contains so many useful information from which you can learn a lot.

For instance: if you are experimenting with aperture then you should try to click photos with three different aperture settings which will give you three slightly different results. By transferring these pictures to your computer and examining them carefully will help you understand that each setting has changed the look of picture. Also, you will come to know the best setting for your picture.

Well, these are some practical photography tips and key points of 2019 that you need to follow for enhancing the perfection. Hope you find this article useful.

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