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Tips for Pet Photography | Complete Guide!

Tips for Pet Photography | Complete Guide!

Photography is a vast field, which cover any type of object or subject to capture its shots. It has different types, such as – product photography, fashion photography etc. Now-a-days a new trend is coming up in the market i.e. the Pet Photography. Such photography requires lots of patience and skills to tackle the pets because it is difficult to give direction to the pet for making such poses. Therefore, we as Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, present this article all about the ‘Tips for Pet Photography’.

It will make you look on the various essential things that as a photographer you need to take care while shooting for the pet!

Be Calm!

While having pet photography, one needs to be very calm and compose for taking their pictures. They are like the emotional sponges and can really sense whether you are stressed or anxious. So, as photographer you need to make yourself calm and have fun with them.

Take care of eyes and expressions

This is the most important tip among all the tips for pet photography. In this, the photographer needs to take care of pet’s eyes, as these are the expressive parts of their behavior and attitude. So, if you want to capture attractive poses, then focus on their expressions and eyes. This will give you the perfect poses that look natural and appealing.

Choosing best cameras

As the pets don’t stay still, so you need something digital to check the instant results with better picture quality. Thus, we as Studio Memory Lane, suggest you to use the DSLR cameras for such instant and HQ work. This will enhance your photo-shoot experience as well. Using the perfect camera kits will also enhance your professionalism.

Right lenses!

Not only camera, in fact one needs perfect lenses with different focus and aperture to capture detail photographs. Therefore, you can use zoom lens for the closer and distant shot. Such lenses help you to take perfect shots when pet is doing any of his or her regular activity or gesture.

Use Ultra-Wide lens – Best among all tips for pet photography!

Using the ultra-wide lenses will provide you the new effects and perspectives regarding the pet photography. We as Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there in this field from many years. In addition, we recommend to the beginners or professional photographers to use the EF 17-40 f/4L USM, in which you have a 93-degree angle. While doing this, you can tempt the pet by giving them treats and various toys for making them involve in photo-shoot.

About Telephoto Lens!

Another important tip for pet photography is to use the telephoto lens. It is the best way to capture the shot without being in the immediate area. In addition, it helps you to stay out of pet zone and to get clear and perfect candid shots.  The most likable shot for this lens can be taken with the owner and fluff ball.

Use of prime lens

Prime lens is the one with the fixed focal length in it. Here, you have to adjust yourself according to the shot you want. Thus, we suggest you to use them only when you have to shoot with young pets, as with growing age they are difficult to tackle. However, when it comes to wide aperture and quality, then this lens is perfect for low light areas and small portion focus.

Use of polarizing filters!

It has three types of such filters that balance exposure such as darken skies, managing reflections and to remove glare from reflective surfaces. We as Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh advise you to darken the skies when it is an outdoor photo-shoot as this will provide more color and enrich the color of subject as well.

Conceptualizing and Short-listing

Most attractive animal imagery is to show them in context. It can be a cat looking at an owner opening a bag of food (desire for food), a dog looking through the main door waiting for his or her owner to come (longing), a horse owner with the arms wrapped around his or her pet (connection). It will help you to get deep emotions, as such pictures speak on their own.

Try to be quiet

There is no good way to be quicker in commanding the pets. Thus, we as Studio Memory Lane, suggest you to use the non-verbal gestures to make them understand things like pointing out your finger etc.  Also, avoid calling out pet with his or her name as it will ultimately make them attractive to the new tune instead of making them focus on the shoot.

As you have gone through our today’s blog about the tips for pet photography, whose main objective is to make the new budding as well as professional photographers learn about the some important aspects of pet photography. We as Studio Memory Lane – hope that you will get the best photo-shoot experience and desired results.

If you are also looking for any type of photo-shoot, then we Studio Memory Lane – the best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are there at your service.

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