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Best themes for wedding photography

Wedding photography covers beauty of the special occasion. It serves its best when there is a theme wedding. Themes generally mean with setting up the ideas to live in. If you want to set up themes for your wedding then it must be photogenic. For that, it is important to know about the best themes for wedding photography. Let us list some of them

  • Retro Theme
  • Cultural Theme
  • Musical Theme
  • Floral Theme
  • Forest Theme
Why these themes good for wedding photography?

It is in trend to set up a theme wedding now a days. Of course it includes a huge cost. To make that cost worth, you need to give proper attention towards the chosen theme for wedding. Moreover, everything associated with this must be taken into consideration. Photography has of course a major role in it. Such big set ups are of no use when these are not properly covered behind camera rolls. So let us dig into the matter to know more about the above mentioned themes in respect of appropriate photography.

Retro Theme

Retro theme is the inspiration to recall the attitudes, modes, fashion, styles and music from the past. It is a very colourful theme for a wedding occasion. People wear old fashioned clothes. There are so many things to enjoy about this theme. When it comes to photography, it gives a colourful look to your wedding albums and makes the collection a masterpiece full of drama and joy. Moreover, we all know that Old is Gold. So it actually leaves its essence of golden era in the photographs.

Cultural Theme

According to us (Studio Memory Lane), it is one of the favourite and best themes for wedding photography. It represents the different cultures of the country. We have shot so many cultural themes for now and always wonder how beautifully it fits into the frames of photography. It gives a very elegant look to your wedding as well as to your memory lane. The more we know about a specific culture, the more we click to add the different colours.

Musical Theme

Musical theme takes photography to the next level. A question arises here that music is all about listening, so how can it be good for photography? Of course it is the best theme to set up an environment with musical chords to create the melancholy of love. It comes with the beautiful decor ideas using musical symbols. Photographers get the best backgrounds for wonderful shots. It gives a royal and elegant look to the wedding photography with its abstract props.

Floral Theme

Floral themes are best for adding up beautiful visionaries to the photography. Even generally you click pictures while holding flowers in the hands and always remain keen to find out the backgrounds with flowers to click beautiful shots. If there will be a beautiful set up with flowers all over the ambiance, it would definitely give nice effect to the collection of wedding pictures.

Forest Theme

Imperfections create some sort of perfection. This idea comes with the forest theme for wedding photography. It is a theme with a rough set up of greenery and dry leaves. It gives us freedom to click wide variety of shots with its harsh and rough look. Photographing such theme actually gives us the opportunities to prove the fact that beauty lies in everything.

With this, the team of Studio Memory Lane suggests you to brain storm a little more while choosing the theme for your wedding. Because we have experienced difficulties while shooting the themes which are difficult to portray in pictures. It eventually dissatisfies your demand. So, it is always better to discuss the themes with photographers. Also, we always try to give the proper and appropriate ideas for setting up the best themes for wedding photography.


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