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Best Ideas for Wedding Shoot | 2019

When it comes to capture the memories, we all want things to be perfect and appealing. And here are the ways in which we can make our pictures more creative, unique and one of their own with the Best Ideas for Wedding Shoot in 2019.

There are numerous ideas through which one can preserve the special occasions and one of the occasions is ‘The Wedding Day’ that every woman and man waits for so many years.

Whether it comes to bride or groom, they want something different and customized.

So, Studio Memory Lane – a team of best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are here to help you!

The ideas that every couple must capture for their wedding album are given below:

Blindfolded love

The most appealing thing that a groom ever wants to see is his beautiful and stunning wife, but this pose gives you a way more to surprise your partner by blindfolding them and give a push to their curiosity level!

It is one of the Best Ideas for Wedding Shoot to let him introduce with his own upcoming world.

It is the beginning shot that becomes the cover for wedding story of couple. Although, it adds up the surprise and excitement.

Bride first look

Most emotional part of D-Day is capturing the moment when she is likely to present in front of him like a beautiful angel. This is an eye catchy pose. In addition, it is full of emotions as all the things are uncontrollable and unplanned. Moreover, it is the bride, who set the whole atmosphere with her diva look.

Holding hands

Another perfect way to show compatibility and trust is to hold hands tightly and walk-in around together. This gesture not only gives a feeling of affection but the best way to express one’s love. While holding hand, all that matters them is love that keeps them together in all situations. This pose is the most popular one while capturing in the fields, near beach or walking down in forest or a trail. So, go ahead and show your love!

A step together

Wedding is all about happiness that a couple can feel. The one best way to celebrate is to dance. When the couple dances everyone stops to see their performance.

Capturing moments while dancing are one of the most natural ways to get phenomenal poses that bring a huge smile. This pose is expressive and imprints in the memories of the couple. So, what’re you waiting for, let’s make your partner move on his or her favorite music and celebrate the moment!

Shot with wide angle

Wide angle captures the deep focus shot of the couple. Such angles are taken best when they’re in open green fields or woods. Also, the couple is advised to talk about anything they want and let them hold their hands while their conversations.

Such angle is good to capture everything in one frame.

Let’s give your love a new angle that’s ‘A Wide Angle’!

Passionate hand kiss

Kiss has significant role in showing love and such poses make couple feel more involved and give them chance to embrace each other. Although, holding bride’s hand or vice versa and kissing them shows a feeling of assurance and dedication towards emotional attachment that you as couple feel very well.

Embracing hug

Another way to click a perfect shot is hugging your wife to bring a feel of more connection. Hug with such pose brings delicacy and enhance tenderness of relationship. This shot is one of the Best Ideas for Wedding Shoot to be framed and hanged up in the walls of your room. Bride and groom can bring all the memories as a flashback while just looking to it.

Kiss on forehead

Gesture and pose that is popular among couples from ages to reveal the love and feelings and such poses are even liked today. Moreover, a bride always wanted to be kissed on her forehead by his man of dreams and assure her that she is the QUEEN OF HIS HEART!

A shot while having her in your arms and kissing her forehead is really something gives you GOOSEBUMPS!!

Well, these are the Best Ideas for Wedding Shoot and if you also want more information and updates, stay tuned with our best professional photographers – Studio Memory Lane.

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