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Best Pre wedding photoshoot themes

Best Pre wedding photoshoot themes

Before getting married, we all plan for so many things. All those dreams that we have seen since so long for this one special day, come in the consciousness and left us with thousands of thoughts of what to do or how to do. For instance, if you want to propose your would-be life partner in a filmy way before getting married, then you will arrange each and every thing accordingly and photography plays a major role in the whole process. Photographers, now a days, set up a full environment for such proposals and call them pre wedding photoshoot themes. That is why, pre wedding photography is so famous these days, as it gives couples a chance to fulfill all the sweet wishes that they have dreamt of.

We, as Studio Memory Lane, a team of best professional candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are providing you some of the best ideas to set up a perfect and beautiful theme for your pre-wedding photography. Let us have a look on each theme that is very trending across India these days.

Foodie theme

Are you a foodie person? Well, who is not, right! Everyone wants to hang around the places where one can eat food and have fun and that too with your very own love of life. There is a super cool theme of pre-wedding photography, named as a ‘foodie theme’ where you click pictures with tempting food.

Eating in one plate gives a feeling of togetherness and affection. When you eat together and your forks clutter, it makes the most cheerful moments for a newly wedding couple. We, as photographer, take the advantage of your fun and create a wonderful memory lane in the form of pre wedding photoshoot themes.

Pet theme

Pets are the most precious ones without whom our life seems incomplete. If you have such furry friends, why not invite them for your pre wedding photography? With them, you can try various cute poses. Also, they give you the most candid moments for a perfect candid shot.

That is why, it is suggested to make your pre wedding photography even more enjoyable by taking your pets along. You can get the cutest pictures for your pre wedding album. Also, such kind of pictures seem very attractive when you put it on social media. It makes the most drooling trends.

Cultural theme – Most trending pre wedding photoshoot themes!

Here we are! Talking about the most famous and trending theme of this era in the industry of photography – Cultural theme. Do you want to know, what is so beautiful and amazing about this theme? Well, we guess it is the sense of colourful and positive environment that every culture of India is best at.

We, at Studio Memory Lane, has captured a lot of pictures on Punjabi theme. Here, we use various symbols of Punjab in the pictures or the couples wear the traditional attires associated with this cheerful culture to arise the aroma of joy and ancient scent.

Here are some of the best couple stories, that we have written on Punjabi pre wedding cultural theme that you must have a look on!

Friend-Zoned theme

Now, we are talking about the theme in which we include the friends and the dear ones. Without friends, we all are incomplete. We all have such friends who have helped us in everything since ages. Thus, it is a theme in which you pose with your coolest buddies and show off with their smiles and have fun.

Such pictures come out to be the most attractive ones and throws the true friendship goals, where you represent the idea that love in not only about two people getting together, in fact it is about celebrating altogether with friends and family.

In India, we all have seen Veere di Wedding – a movie by very renowned person, Ekta Kapoor. In this movie, we clearly have seen how friends matter a lot in your band baja barat. Thus, what are you waiting for? Invite your Veere for making your wedding memories the most memorable ones.

Filmy Theme

I think it is clear from its name, isn’t it? Filmy theme – it clearly means with Films. We all know how films are – dramatic, emotional, thrilling and so on! When it comes to a setup related to films and that too for pre wedding photoshoot themes, it only means with romance.

We have so many historical pictures in India known for its love and romance. How can we forget DDLJ, Dil wale dulhaniya lejaenge – a movie by Karan Johar? In this movie, our very own ‘King or Romance’ – Shah Rukh Khan has played the role of Raj with a bubbly actress Kajal Devgan, who has played the role of Simran and we all know that Raj-Simran are known for their lovely chemistry.

Thus, for such filmy themes, we create a setup like DDLJ or any such filmy environment to click your wonderful pre-wedding photography.

Add some effect to set your theme

It is a very common theme these days. For this, we play with different effects and props. To make something abstract, unique and different, so that it also looks attractive at the same time, you have to play with various things.

Play with props, bubbles, lights, props or anything crazy to get such drooling shots for your pre-wedding photography. Make your album the most attractive one. Do not go for the same traditional themes. Go for something different and new.

It is a theme that gives you a lot of surprises. For instance, we use a lot of weird things and at that time you get no clue of what we are doing with sprinkling water or sand on you, but the moment when you see the picture, you get to see a good content of creativity with such things.

About Studio Memory Lane!

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