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Guide to product photography – with white background!

Guide to product photography – with white background!

Nowadays, all the products that you see on the online stores are captured in a very appealing and clear manner. All such product shoots are mostly done by using the white background. Therefore, for all beginners and professional photographers, we are here with some useful information based on white background photography. We, Studio Memory Lane – the best professional wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, are here with weekly blog on complete guide to product photography – with white background!

Product Photography is considered as an integral part of online as well as offline marketing. These photos will help your clients to buy a particular product or service. There are two types of product photography such as:

  • In context or Lifestyle Photography
  • Product Images Photography

In context or Lifestyle photography is such a way in which the images are created with the products being used in reality. It also includes usage of set-ups and models. All these things help in making up the general view of the product.

Product Images photography is another way in which the images are created with the clean photos of the product, which are taken on the white background.

Use a white background for product photography – why?

Gives a pop to your products! – The best part of guide to product photography!

Choosing single color background will ultimately lead to the consistency of storage. Moreover, the white color makes the continuity and effective impact on all the different color and style products. This will also avoid the possibility of distractions that might cause due to colorful and trendy patterns in the backgrounds.

Easy to edit!

Especially when it comes to beginners, the white background pictures are proved to be easy to use and edit. Believe us that all these white background images need very little customization and modification.

Easier in upgrading from white to color!

You might have seen several posts that are trying to put the white color backgrounds in the shame. However, being professionals, we, Studio Memory Lane – the best professional wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, tell you to forget it completely! This is so, because when you think to add a yellow neon touch to the product background, all you have to start is with the simple editing. Even, the simple editing can start with a white background only.

Product Photography Guideline! 

The beginning of product photography will help in creating a consistent look and feel for your e-commerce brand. It will also build the name of your brand or business in the competitive market. This is the reason why it is an important part of the guide to product photography!

So, we, Studio Memory Lane, are providing you the perfect guidelines that you’ll have to work on for your first shoot. These guidelines include these things:

  • Software for editing and setting
  • Lighting source, product distance, and angles from your camera
  • Image saturation
  • Focal length
  • All color palates
  • The dimension of image and size

Creating such guidelines for the shoot will make your creativity look more impressive and at the same time, help you to create them simple and elegant.

Basic product photography equipment!

Here is the list of equipment that will be very useful with a white background in product photography.

Light boxes or light tent!

These light boxes are the best part of guide to product photography! These are the boxes with the lights, which are well concentrated on the product. The major function of such boxes is to make light fall softly on the product. Another benefit is that they help in providing consistent light on the product, which eliminates too many shadows. Being professionals, we suggest you to buy either a box with in-built lighting or a soft box in which you can add your light.

Shooting Table!

This is not particularly about the table but it can also be a chair, or something with 100% flat surfaces. One thing that you must focus on is that you have to make your product near to the natural source of light. This will provide ample light for the shot as well as for the product.

Therefore, these are some of the things you must concern while shooting with the white background for the product photography.

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