Pre Wedding

Wedding is the most exciting & enjoyable event of an individual’s life. Wedding occasion brings lots of happiness, colors and emotions to the majority of people. To capture the right moment with the perfect pose is quite challenging as it demands focus and skills to freeze natural sentiments in a photograph.


Studiomemorylane gives what it takes to make fabulous pre-wedding album. We want you to relive every moment while you flip through the pages of pictures that we have captured. It is a saying that “Weddings are made in heaven” and we strive to make it beautiful for you to remember.



Most of the preference is given to the wedding day, but pre-wedding gets the ignorance pretty much all the time. Studiomemorylane believes that pre-wedding photography demands way much effort & considerations than people think it is worthy of because this is the only time when couples are less nervous and more excited.


time before the wedding is the perfect moment to have the true expressions of bride & groom captured because this mixture of excitement, fear and happiness cannot be find on or after the special day. Moreover, this is the only moment when the lovebirds are free of worries and tiredness so they even throw best of their excitement as well.


In the photography, we are able to capture true joy, care, love, nervousness and excitement of bride & groom few days prior to the wedding day. We try to display the real chemistry among the couple via camera lenses.