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Best wedding photographers in Bathinda | Beautiful Bride-to-be!

Best wedding photographers in Bathinda | Beautiful Bride-to-be!

Getting engaged and tied up in life long relation with the one whom a girl ever dreamt of is the biggest day for her. And this day is one of the most mesmerizing part of her life. On this day, she is going through with lots of thoughts and emotions. Although, it has its own importance as she socially, mentally and emotionally going to build her relation while exchanging the rings. This is considered to be the token of love and commitment for the two. Thus, it is the best moment that we as Studio Memory Lane – the best wedding photographers in Bathinda Punjab, are ready to capture at once.

Ring Ceremony is considered to be one of the integral parts of the culture which is followed up by the main day that’s Wedding. In this happy occasion, both the families get together with other relatives. In such ceremony, the couple is showered with the blessings of all the guests for upcoming future and bond they’re about to make soon.

About the bride clicked by best wedding photographers in Bathinda!

Here is the most elegant and beautiful bride, wearing an inexpressible smile that lights up the atmosphere. She has worn a beautiful gown and teamed up with the heavy piece of earrings. Her hairstyle has light wavy curls, while her hands are full of flowery pattern mehndi (traditional form in India where a girl puts henna on hands and feet with different patterns during any happy occasion). Her cute and bubbly face with dimples is looking just phenomenal! and are just perfect to add charm to her beauty.

About the picture

In this picture, the best black and white shot can be seen where the lights are set up to glow up the facial expression of the bride-to-be. While, the background is blurred to illuminate the main object. New tricks and techniques are used to enhance the picture quality. Here, the low light capture and the detailed depth has main role to play.

About Studio Memory Lane

Making your day very special, we have the best wedding photographers in Bathinda to provide the quality services. We just want you to plan and we are here to execute on your thoughts to make them real. Our services are available across India with best team and experts who can cope up with changing trends and just make things look as you planned. Our updated equipment is just ready to capture your every moment.

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