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Pre-wedding photographers in Ferozepur | Best Hangout ever!

Pre-wedding photographers in Ferozepur | Best Hangout ever!

Pre-Weddings are all about the relation of friendship and building trust towards your life partner in a very healthy and strong way. With change in likings and trends, the new ideas and customized thoughts are executed in very balanced form by Pre-wedding Photographers in Ferozepur. Here, the Studio Memory Lane captures the couples wearing twinning t-shirts with very innovative quotes on them.

For the best experience in the wedding photography, pre-wedding photography and Candid-shoot, we research the market for the satisfaction of the customers and make them updated with the changing trends and introduce them to new ideas.

About the picture portrayed by Pre-wedding Photographers in Ferozepur

A perfect picture does have all the effects and balanced view. So, here is the perfect shot taken on the entrance of the famous Café. Moreover, it’s a very casual and cool pose. The new crane camera technique is used to capture all the elements around the couple in one frame. The daylight is well taken in the DSLR cameras with HD clarity. The main background of blue color is complementing their white T-shirts and black color is highlighting the printed wordings on them. The groom-to-be is sitting on the stairs and bride-to-be is standing on the side.

About the cool couple!

Couples prefer to do twinning now-a-days, either wearing same color contrast or same t-shirts or lowers. Here, in this picture, the couple is wearing the twinning couple t-shirts with funny quotes over them. Also, they are wearing the same black shades and light blue jeans. Couple tends to be the food lover – as they are having food quotes on their T-shirts. We, as pre-wedding photographers in Ferozepur captures such themes very elegantly.

About the Studio Memory Lane

We provide all the services such as traditional photography and candid photography with collection of traditional as well as trending themes. We are available with a team of experts with the experience of many years in the photography field. Also, we use the high technology devices and perfect lighting set ups. Moreover, we are feasible to work in any condition for any kind of event or function. Also, we are trying our best to make a wonderful memory lane for you.

Thus, if you’re looking for the best pre-wedding photographers in Ferozepur, then Studio Memory lane – a team of best candid wedding photographers in Punjab and Chandigarh, can be the right option for you. For more information and bookings, contact us via:

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